Received a call from this number that I did not answer. I called back. Man on the other line had a foreign accent and there was a delay on the line even though it claims to be a local number. He answered with, "hello", and no other greeting. I asked where he obtained my information and he replied that it was from different websites that I have shown interests in. I believe he means the websites of different places I have shopped and filled out surveys for cash drawings and discounts for that specific place I frequent for shopping. However, I asked him again and told him that was too vague for me and he just repeated what he said and proceeded to ask my if I was still interested in continuing my education. I asked him to take my name off the list, he responded, "ok, not a problem", and that was it.
Be careful what surveys you fill out! I won't be doing that again.
 Oct 01st, 2013