A fraud crank call left on my voicemail:
Ohh, Hi, This message is for **** ****, Nokia. Hey ****, this is Martha out at the stand on the the bob Bell, client relations. I was trying to reach you at the bus and they will wedding late sixties, but, unfortunately, I loved it up into a voice messaging system. We had to do the instant book deal of the situation again. Birthday ideal is full of the day today. Both bases overseas, messaging system. I would, want to the rest of it and I was just call back and still have what your flow 30 would be the best. Hold on to my desk is ready to Bob. Please. 482058. I think it is 313482053 My name is Mark and my extension of more one the will. 9 hi, this message, or 4. Fax or again. Hi. This is broken and I was appalled that I've been that have a blessed day. Bye bye.

ok first off he tried saying crime prevention , not client relation :\ second of all, if this was crime prevention, why is this not a crime to call me in reguards to threatening me with a "legal matter" that is completely fabricated to begin with?
 Jan 11th, 2011