ALERT. is the caller ID name! Well it is an obvious scam! When you call ITT back it doesn't exist! MAKE SPOOF NUMBER APPS ILLEGAL YOU GOVERNMENT IDIOTS!!!
This person is absolutely correct! We would have much less scam call problems without spoof number apps. The government has to make the app illegal now!!!
The government has to make the app illegal now!!!
We'll get right on that.
"Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009"
"The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009, which was signed into law Dec. 22, 2010, prohibits caller ID spoofing for the purposes of defrauding or otherwise causing harm. In June 2010, the Federal Communications Commission adopted rules implementing the Truth in Caller ID Act."
Oh, wait ... never mind. We've already done that four years ago.
Yes it just boggles my mind that they passed that law and there are actually people not obeying it. That is so unusual, a law that some people obey and some don't. I guess maybe we need to classify these new types of people, maybe we could call them "lawbreakers"? Or even criminals? We would need to go out and hire somebody to catch these people, maybe we could call them "police" and then bring them before someone called a "judge" who will send them to this newly made facility called a "prison". It just so terrible that these types of people have just suddenly sprung up since the laws were obeyed so well up until this point that we never needed "police", "judges", or "prisons".. What is this world coming to?
You are correct, but our current president and his department of justice choose not to enforce the laws they are charged to enforce by the Constitution.
That is factually incorrect, with limited resources available the government has to prioritize. I am sure you did not object when the last President did the same thing. Did you?
Any call that starts off with a recording of "This is not a sales call..." doesn't get any further then that If my BIL from that area code wasn't staying here I would not even have answered this.
Left a message starting off with: The American Chronic Pain Association and National Center for Chronic Pain Management have issued the following prescription pain pill alert: In an attempt to stop the growing use and abuse of prescription narcotic pain pills, America's national healthcare providers are now authorized to provide a new experimental pain relief compound to anyone suffering from physical pain or discomfort . . . .
Call Type: Telemarketer
I have signed the "do not call" registry, but continue to get phone calls from this number.
The number is most likely spoofed and the callers are either criminals, from overseas, or both
ALERT 718-450-9404 is a one-way number, i.e., you can't return the call
This is not a legitimate caller. This is a scammer. They want you to think they are The "American" Chronic Pain Association. They left out the word "American" and it's not the same organization. I think these scammers are the same scammers who do the medical alert bracelet scams.
Pressed 1 and asked for the company name, a phone number and address - the salesperson would not provide anything but saying they are with "Health Advisors". I played along... "I won't give out my health information if I don't know who I'm giving it to, but I am very interested." He said he didn't have that information and wasn't allowed to give out a phone number. I asked for a supervisor because I was really interested (haha) but needed to know more about who I was giving my personal information to first. The supervisor gave me a call back number of 321-248-6292. He also stated they are located in Miami Florida which is correct for the area code. The funny part was when I ask the supervisor for the company name and he paused then said "American Pain Relief" and I heard him turn to the original salesperson on the phone and whisper "Thats right, isn't it?" I then hung up. No clue if the 321 area code phone number is accurate. I didn't want to call it and possibly get on MORE call lists from having called in.
Earlier posters are right. The number is spoofed. I got the same call a few days ago from 650-277-2617. I am on the do not call list so no legitimate telemarketer can call me. I guess once they get an answer once they will just keep calling back. It won't do any good to report it.
New Mexico
 Aug 15th, 2014