I agree with Oklahoma. This number just called me following a call from Maryland. None of which makes sense to me. I live in New England! I say, scam.
New York
 May 31st, 2017
I received a call on 04/26/17. It's a phone solicitor.
 Apr 26th, 2017
Called me two times in less than a week. Call says its from St Cloud Minn. I DID NOT ANSWER EITHER TIME. No message left. Always seem to be after a call from Maryland which I also don't answer. Scammers or phisers probably. I'm in Oklahoma, and don't do business in either of those states.
 Apr 20th, 2017
As of 4/11/2017 I received a call from this number. A woman claimed she was calling on behalf of a Dodge van I own, asking if I'm interested in trading it or selling it. I said no. She asked if anyone else in the household is interested in trading or selling. Again, no. I live in Florida, why would Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep solicit from Minnesota?
 Apr 11th, 2017
I received a call from this number this past Tues, 11/03/15 and earlier tonight/Thu, 11/05/15
I didn't answer either call; no voice message either time. I know many people in Minnesota, but have a general policy to never answer if I don't recognize the number (via my caller ID set up on my smartphone).
Bob in Florida
 Nov 06th, 2015
got this call today and didn't answer. no voicemail. i live in philadelphia and don't know anyone in MN...
 Jul 08th, 2015
I answered, and the person who called was soliciting donations for Channel 11.
 Mar 06th, 2015
Got a call at 6:55 on Nov. 26 2013 and again at 6 pm on Nov. 27 2013. We did not answer the first time. No voicemail. The 2nd time, I answered and a woman asked specifically for my husband, by his first name. I said he wasn't here and said something like she'd call back and hung up. I have family in the 320 area code, so I assumed this was a family member calling from their cell phone and finally answered this time. Guess not.
 Nov 28th, 2013
This number called me yesterday at 7pm and today at 7:30pm. I didn't answer either time as I did not recognize the number. Neither time was a voice mail message left.
 Sep 25th, 2013