315-203-8532 -aka- 206-397-1178 -aka- 206-792-9399 -aka- 209-220-1978 -aka- 216-202-5998 -aka- 310-251-5420 -aka- 458-201-0875 -aka- 855-853-6346 -aka- Merchant Solutions Group -aka- BIZ LOANS -aka- CALLERID4u -aka- Go Accredited just called our business, yet again. Caller ID showed up as Adams NY. Different number this time, but same as always, it's an Illegal Robocall. The call was from Ashley and she was calling to inform us that our small business qualifies for a shady supposedly low interest loan that in very tiny, almost impossible to read without a microscope, print lets you know that it's actually balloon rate adjustable interest rate that will go from 12 percent to 75 percent overnight, and that their scumbag company will ruin your credit rating almost overnight, and when you suddenly can't make the payments that they will place your business, illegally mind you, into multiple collection agencies, thereby furthering the damage to your businesses credit rating. No thanks Ashley -aka- Shikho Rizvi, IT Director at Merchant Solutions Group, I think we'll pass on your supposed low interest rate small business loan SCAM, but I have no problems reporting your illegal robocalls to the FCC.gov, and the FTC.gov website since your company obviously doesn't feel the need to follow federal laws and has no problems trying to rip people off.
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 Sep 14th, 2015