Very rude people. Look like debt collectors. Stay alert
 Sep 03rd, 2015
Just hung up.
New York
 Jul 16th, 2015
Did not leave a message
 Feb 17th, 2015
Centennial Law Offices is looking for information relating to Malcolm S Gerald & Associates, Inc., a debt collection company. This information request is related to the case of Risorto v. Malcolm S Gerald & Associates, Inc. in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado (case # 1:13-cv-02993). If you have ever made a payment to Malcolm S Gerald & Associates or are being asked to make a payment, please contact us at or by telephone at 888-504-8817. Those providing information need not identify themselves. We seek this information to enforce a judgment against Malcolm S Gerald & Associates, Inc. for having violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Centennial Law Offices is a law office specializing in the representation of consumers against debt collectors in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act cases.
 Jun 04th, 2014
Have received several calls over the past month from this number. They do not leave any messages. I am sure they are calling for a different person. Today I tried to answer the phone but they hung up without saying anything. Anyone know what can be done to get your telephone number off their calling list. Verison Wireless 210-468-1963) is just a bad. I hit the 0 and # keys and was able to get a person who said I would be removed from the calling list. Two days later I get another call. Sounded like an off-shore person and he hung up on me.
 Mar 28th, 2014
 Dec 27th, 2013
They keep calling for Emmanuelle Zamora who previously owned my number. It's no wonder he changed numbers with all the stalking they do. They even try and text me asking, "What's up?" lol WRONG NUMBER! WRONG PERRSON! That's what's up!
 Aug 02nd, 2013
I get lots of calls from this clown too.
 May 06th, 2013
A corporate business search with the State of Illinois Secretary of State shows that this number belongs to David Stein d/b/a Malcolm S. Gerald & Associates/M.S. Gerald & Associates. The President David Stein's dad, Gerald Stein reportedly founded the firm several decades ago, and David Stein lists his office at 322 S. Michigan, Room 600 and at 1033 W. 14th Street, Room 318, both in Chicago, Illinois. It is an active corporation. Report both the firm and its president David Stein.
 Jan 29th, 2013
asked for party unauthorized to receive calls at my number, and stated the call was being recorded and would not state the purpose of the call
 Jan 29th, 2013
These bozo's just called again trying to collect a debt from 2001 when I was working became disabled in 2002 have not worked since, I told them its past the statued of limitation they are rude and crude and need to get a life.
 Jan 08th, 2013
This company has 43 complaints.. 43 Resolved. And a B rating through BBB... Of course someone stated they have 200 collectors.. Most of them are in Pakistan... Check out their website.. And the number is more like 30 total collectors... You will find their bragging about opening the call center... Paying slave wages overseas with American debt proceeds.. I'll put that in the same department as selling our jobs overseas... So they lie, they dont leave messages, And give your personal and sensitive information like SS numbers Account numbers and full contact details to a pakistani getting $2.25 per hour... So how can this tie to identity theft??? Dont answer their calls... Simply on the basis that they are a subpar collector that compromises your most important information...
 Nov 20th, 2012
These folks are debt collectors out of Chicgao. They claim to have over 200 collectors working for them. They use predictive dialers so they can set up a regular calling pattern to bug you on a regular basis. One area they collect for is debt buyers, the people who buy up large numbers of old accounts and try to collect on small bills owed. When they call me the phone only rings twice before disconnecting. They've never left a message. I know my credit is clean and I don't anyone a penny so I don't think I'll bother answering. After a while they'll give up and go away.
 Jun 16th, 2012
Calls, leaves automated message but no pertinent info. Just asks to call back. Seems like a scam!
 Apr 30th, 2012
Every day this person call and because it's not the first time and I don't know this number, 70 years old, I just anwser the number that I know. The message is if you are ..and no name come in, if you are not.....and no name cone in. What can a people it'is. Did I need to call or go to the police, I will take decision.
 Apr 13th, 2012
SAJ: More than scary, it's illegal for a debt collector to blab about a debt account to anyone other than the alleged debtor, who can sue for relief under the FDCPA.
 Feb 08th, 2012
i called and aparently they will give you someone elses personal information if you give them a msg #, SCARY!!
s ann johnson
 Feb 08th, 2012
Calls , leave robo response, sounds like another off the wall collection agency looking for some one who does not live here
 Sep 06th, 2011
Clarence: Hostile lawbreakers like this Gerald outfit are trained to call you a liar until you ''own up'' to whatever claim they think is binding on you. The burden of proof is on them, not you. Hopefully you've sent those disputes USPS CMRR, and you have used the term ''dispute'' or ''disputed'', to make it perfectly clear to any grade school dropout what you mean.

From here, send Gerald and other collectors a cease-comm notice, again via USPS Certified with card. The FTC and many consumer watchdogs explain how to draft one. This also goes for Kena and anyone else taking misdirected calls. Verbal demands cannot be proven, thus are not much obeyed.

It sounds like you've taken a number of good precautions. It might be wise to pull a freebie credit report from one of the bureaus and look for any faulty trade lines. See AnnualCreditReport -dot- com and NOT any variant of or front for CIC Triple Advantage.
 Jul 25th, 2011
my identity and checkbook were stolen from my house the theives have been writing hot checks all over town I filed police reports and closed the bank account, but theese collection agencies IGNORE rhe letters and documentation I send them about the theft they just keep harassing me for money for the stolen/forged checks-
 Jul 22nd, 2011
This man called from this number and asked for a herman ! I told him I don't know a herman and the man asked me how long I have had this #! I stated 6 months and kept repeating like he didn't believe me! This company does not need to call back!
 Apr 02nd, 2011
will never answer!sorry you bought some bad debts! what goes around comes around!May your life be wonderful
nun ya
 Oct 06th, 2010
"nix" is correct, those call times are well outside the daily thirteen hour window granted to debt buyers. Repeated cluster calls with intent to annoy are also forbidden. I hope Nix is keeping good records for that judgment the collector could pay if challenged. Detailed account discussion with a third party as "Harassed" described is also illegal, to preserve privacy. This Gerald fellow just isn't very polite.

The behavior "KB" described is yet more damning. A collector cannot refuse to validate a debt claim, that was flat wrong. That Mister Reed fibbed about disclosure on voicemail; that likely falls under the privacy rule. Suggesting that paying a collector will boost a credit score is pretty much false. Often one's record looks worse for the trouble.

Those of you taking misdirected calls can quiet them for a few USPS dollars and without legal aid. If you are the party named on a debt account, you also have rights under the FDCPA. Learn them at FTC-dot-gov.
 Oct 02nd, 2010
Well, Malcolm S Gerald & Assoc likes to call at some harassing times: 10:xx PM, 12:xx AM, 1:xx AM and a lot more. It's illegal to call at these time. In addition I have gotten back to back calls seconds apart after hanging up at all times. I would list the exact days and times; however, I really don't want M S GERALD to increase the amount of calls to my number.
 Oct 02nd, 2010
I'm a government employee. These people call several times after I've left the office so I have several messages when I return. They ask for a specific person whom I've never heard of. Today they called in the daytime. I answered. The recording said that if I was Sharon something or other, to press 1. If I wasn't this person, I was to press 2. I pressed 2. The thing kept repeating itself and I kept pressing 2. Finally a person got on the phone and said that their phone was malfunctioning and asked me if I was Sharon. I told them I was not Sharon. They asked me if this was some bar-b-que place (forgot the name). I told them that it wasn't. I gave them the name of my government agency and told them they needed to stop calling. I told them I had this line for several years but the calls just started a few months ago. I told them there was no one in this entire agency with that name cause I had already researched it. The man said he was so sorry and that he had taken the number off of their records. We'll see.
Gov. Emp.
 Aug 11th, 2010
calls 6-7 times a day. leaves no message. a family member picked up and they said they were lookimg for me. claims they need my SS#.
 Jun 10th, 2010
Have been getting a call/recorded message on my machine daily from this number. They've been looking for a "Larry Haggar". Got tired of their robo calls every single day while I'm at work tying up my answering called them back at their 800 number today. Told them that Larry Haggar did not live here, had never lived here and to stop calling. They claimed they'd remove my number...we'll wait and see if it happens or not. If it doesn't my next step is to complain to the state attorney general.
 Jun 05th, 2010
Continues to call for the past 4 days, 3 times today, every 20 minutes. Automated message says, 'If you are _______________, press 1, if you are not _____________ press 2. I press two every time and the message just keeps repeating itself. I attempted to call back and ask them to stop and get no answer. I looked up the company M S Gerald. Collection agency. The first time they called they left a LOT of identifying information on my answering machine for someone I do not know. Said they owed a lot of money, it was an attempt to collect a debt. It was all automated and stated, 'if you continue to listen to this message, it proves you are ___________ and it proves that you owe the money we are attempting to collect.
They will not stop calling.
 May 28th, 2010
Idiots keep calling! Stupid robo call for a "Larry R Haggar" who has never lived at my address, and never had this phone number! I keep hanging up when it says to if I'm not who they're looking for...but they keep calling! Will be reporting them if they call again!
 May 25th, 2010
Please stop the calls 2+ a day I have NO IDEA why me, I live with my wife and everyting I own is payed for PLEASE HAVE THEM STOP!!! They call several times a day but do no leave a message. How many times do you have to tell someone that the person they are calling is not at my number and they are calling the wrong number??
HELP Someone needs to stop calls not intended for someone else.
Randy Reeve
 May 17th, 2010
Unknown Caller. Left no message. I have no debts.
 May 11th, 2010
i just received a call from that same number.. on tues. may 4th.. on my cell noone has my number but family so how the heck this person got dont know.. it was a male sounded like a robot.. voice very weird not american.. he was asking for someone i do not know...weird ppl out there..
 May 04th, 2010
Calls several times a day with different numbers in Chicago and usually doesn't leave a message. Called today and left a message using this number, wants us to call an 800 number, if i'm home I usually hang up before they even have a chance to leave a message.
 May 02nd, 2010
Called today for the first time and left a message on my machine. Claimed to be looking for a "Larry Haggar" or something like that. Considering how I've had this phone number for several years now either they're looking for someone who had this number like, a decade ago...or they're fishing for info. Won't be calling them back especially since it sounds like a scam agency.
 Apr 21st, 2010
They are a collection agency that calls me about 100 times a day. They are claiming that I signed up for a magazine subscription for like $1500.00 who in their right mind would do that!?! They are also sending me bogus bills and claiming that I ordered these magazines I have never even seen!!
 Feb 23rd, 2010
The phone rang and ID said M S Gerald. When I answered a female asked to speak to my husband by name. I inadvertently told her that he was out of town and if I could help her. She told me in a too sweet of a voice that it was personal. I again asked what was her business with my husband and she said that she did not need to tell me what her "personal" request had to do with my husband, and I told her please not to call back, where she responded that she would call back anytime she wanted to. I have reported this to appropriate authorities.
 Feb 17th, 2010
they called me today at work and asked me to settle an account that i had taken care of. when i said i took care of it he got rude and demanding stating that i owe. since i have paid it once i have not gotten anything in the mail stating i do. wtf?
 Feb 09th, 2010
I also wanted to add to my comment, then when Paul Reed of Malcolm S Gerald left a voicemail on my cell phone, he said "good luck" at the end of the message. Why would he say "good luck"? Is that some kind of threat? I have the voicemail saved in case I need to send it to an attorney.
 Feb 02nd, 2010
These people also called my cell phone and left no message. I did a google search on the phone number on my caller ID and came to this site to find out who it is. A couple days later, named Paul Reed who works at this comapny, called my cell phone and left a message just with his name and the reference number but did not say who he is representing. So finally my curiousity set in and I called this company, and they said it was about an HSBC credit card that got turned over to malcolm s gerald. They refused to provide me with a debt validation letter and also refused to allow me to contact the original creditor. Mr. Reed said everything has been turned over to him and payments must be made with him. Mr. Reed also said it was a violation of Federal law to leave on voicemails who the original creditor is (is this true)?. He also offered me settlements or a hardship program to "improve my credit score". Well, Mr. Reed was rude and unprofessional and would let me speak very little, he kept interrupting me and demanded my bank account information over the phone. I said I did not have it with me and asked "do you know your account number". I don't memorize bank account or routing numbers. He then demanded I call him back within 24 hours with my bank info or further collection efforts will continue. I going to do some research on debt collection harrassment and see if I can find an attorney who can sue these clowns.
 Feb 02nd, 2010
I received two letters from this company the 2nd was an offer to settle a debt at a reduced amount and needed to submit payment within ten days or offer would be withdrawn.I am glad I decided to check these guys out can anybody give me directions as to how I should handle this.I would really like to get this thing behind me so I can clear up my credit.
 Jan 22nd, 2010
all they do is call, leave no messages
Alex again
 Jan 21st, 2010
they constantly keep calling me and dont know why? anyone know what place has this company? they were very rude with me, something i owe around $300 for magazines and somehow im in a 2 year contract when i didnt sign anything, i dont know to do..can anyone help me or have any ideas, because i told them im not payin the whole ill only pay time they wanted something from me and i said i cant right now im on the road and then they hung up on me. ever since i refuse to answer but sooner or later i will..plz keep this updated

 Jan 21st, 2010
They called me at work and used my maiden name. They left me a garbled message and told me to call them back with some file number. Obviously, I won't. Everyone should scroll down and read Matt Bieneman's comment.
 Oct 01st, 2009
We're from Illinois, and ive been to chicago many of times and have never heard of these people or seen the place ther located at. im gna check the phone book and comment back tomarrow
 Sep 26th, 2009
These people keep calling me. THey keep claiming that i have a bill due to my doctors office, from when i had my daughter back in feb. They are claiming that my daughters bill for being in the hospital for 3 days is almost as much as my bill from my 9 months of pregnancy my 3 days in the hospital my surgery and my anistetics. They cant even get the name right they keep using my daughters middle name and keep refering to my by my maiden name whn all of my bills wer changed to my married name. The couple of times they called they would refuse to talk 2 my husband because his name wasnt on any of the information. they just called to day n my friend answered the phone and told them i wasnt home. THen they asked to speak to my husband. When all the other times they refused to talk to him. THey cant even give me the name of the hospital i stayed at.
 Sep 26th, 2009
Call constantly and leave no message. Bogus collection agency.
 Jul 24th, 2009
They're looking for someone with our last name. Hope this first call will be the last, but somehow I doubt it.
 May 20th, 2009
they are in Chicago, Never leave a Message but if you call back a person answer.
 May 11th, 2009
Answered the phone. They were incredibly rude and yelling the entire time, asking for someone else and calling me by that name, as if I didn't know my own name. These creeps are complete idiots; they have no idea who they are calling. This is the eighth time that they have called.
Matt Bieneman
 Apr 30th, 2009
They have now called six times; four of those after I ordered them to stop calling. I am recording the date & time of all of these calls in order to add them to the FTC and State of Maryland investigations.
Matt Bieneman
 Apr 28th, 2009
Today I verified with the Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation that they are not licensed to operate in Maryland. I have filed an "Investigation Request" form with the Commissioner's office detailing the case and requesting that the State of Maryland prosecute them for operating without a license.
Matt Bieneman
 Apr 28th, 2009
These crooks still have not learned. I have now filed five Do Not Call list complaints; four after I emailed them ordering them to stop calling me, as well as an FDCPA complaint against them in case they happen to be a real debt collector rather than a scammer. (Their continued calling indicates that they are almost certainly crooks rather than a real debt collector.) I will be following up tomorrow with a complaint to the Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation's Commissioner of Financial Regulation.
Matt Bieneman
 Apr 27th, 2009
These crooks have called four times, the most recent two after I emailed them asking to never call me again. This appears to be some kind of bizarre debt collection scam. I have no idea how it works; they call while I am at work and do not leave a message. I can't imagine how they could get rick quick with such a scam, but since they are obviously of incredibly low intelligence, they probably think that they can make money off of this scam. If they call you, email and ask these idiots to stop calling you, and then file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at Click on the consumer complaint button on the right. Since you probably also have no debts, some of the questions won't make sense, but it is still possible to put in your complaint. You will need the following info: Malcolm S. Gerald and Associates, Inc., 332 South Michigan Avenue, Ste. 600, Chicago, Illinois 60604, and put in for the person Gerald Stein, Chairman. (He is the chief idiot and founder of this apparently criminal enterprise.) You should also call your state licensing board to see if they are licensed in your state. If they are not, then your state government can easily prosecute them. If they are, and refuse to stop calling, then your state can also prosecute them. Note to "ben": Threatening language like "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED" is illegal; be sure to put that into your FTC complaint. Note to "Julie": A very common scam is for collection agencies to go after people who have been double-billed for medical bills, and try to collect the second payment. If people fall for this, it is very lucrative, since the doctors have already been paid, and the "collection agency" keeps 100% of the second payment. Note to everyone: They are required by Federal Law to identify themselves, basically providing the same information that I have given above: Company name, address, name & title of the agent. If they don't, then add that to your FTC complaint and your state complaint. (If they are calling a Maryland phone number, call the DLLR's Commissioner of Financial Regulation's office at 410-230-6100 or 1-888-784-0136 to complain.)
Matt Bieneman
 Apr 23rd, 2009
Have been getting messages from them for a few weeks. they never leave a message. I was home so i answered and they said my wife had bills from a hospital that was way over due. I asked for acct numbers and they resisted. We have been paying the bill every month. turns out the hospital give s us a lump bill but doesn't tell us that each dept.has to be paid seperatly. so we pay the overall balance, but in reality it only goes to one bill at a time. I finally got this out off the m.s. gerald rep. I asked him and got the actts in question , he wanted payment right then, I said nope have to confirm before the next step. he said he would call back saturday, this being friday afternoon. I said nope I'll call you. Called hospital and worked it out. called ms geral and he got irate and hung up. now he calls 2-3 times a day. Today he called and told us to pay now. and before he hung up said "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!" i'm going to let him leave a few more messages before I turn it all over to my lawyer.
 Mar 19th, 2009
I work for a concrete company that has had these phone numbers for over 20 years. I don't know where or how our numbers got tied up with this fake legal/collection agency. I think they are just pulling numbers out of the blue. They call every day and ask for a different person everyday.
 Mar 04th, 2009
I called back-put in the file number I thought I heard from the muffled voicemail I received-it wasn't correct so they hung up on me. Called back-got the operator-he didn't sound very pleasant so I hung up and googled the number. Now I am glad I hung up.
 Feb 25th, 2009
Collection Agency Won't say for who...
 Nov 20th, 2008
I received a call from them today. Apparently I had a balance of $20 remainding from a doctor's appointment March of 2007! They left me a voicemail and didn't give me the name of their company. They also do not give the company name on the main voicemail. When I got a hold of someone, I asked him why that is. He said it's due to privacy laws??? When he asked for my payment, I was obviously hesitant to give him my cc number over the phone. When I asked if I can submit my payment online, he said, well, you can...but then I'd have to give you the address and everything. I got the web address and paid it online. I looked up the laws and in fact, there are several privacy laws in regards to collection agencies.
 Nov 07th, 2008
These people have called several times and left a message for a made-up person, in the vain hope that I will call back and they can attempt to collect a disputed cell phone bill from 9 years ago. It's really funny because most of them mis-pronounce the name that they created. Apparently they bought some junk debt from Anderson-Crenshaw, who I thought were the lowest of the bottom-feeders...
 Oct 15th, 2008
When they called I saw a Gerald M thought it was a friend. It's some collections pretending to be a Law Office. Called the bluff and asked for paperwork....She hung up.
 May 19th, 2008
scum bag always wants something that you don't have. bottom feeders !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Apr 18th, 2008
Calls but leaves no message
 Mar 18th, 2008
Keeps calling my number daily.
 Mar 12th, 2008
Will not stop calling me.
 Mar 12th, 2008
Guy called. I asked who was speaking, he said "Wayne Clark."

I don't know any Wayne Clark so I hung up. (I wouldn't have even answered it but I thought it would be someone else)
 Nov 29th, 2007
I called the number back and was prompted to enter a "file" number. ??????? Whatever.
enough already
 Nov 22nd, 2007
Who is this?????
enough already
 Nov 22nd, 2007
They call several times a day but do no leave a message. I do not answer if I don't know the # and cannot call back if they do not leave a message.
 Oct 22nd, 2007
When these people call they should get their numbers straight. How many times do you have to tell someone that the person they are calling is not at my number and they are calling the wrong number??? Duh!!! They just keep calling back twice a day every day. I filed a complaint on these IDIOTS!!!! I work all night and sleep all day. I am going to talk to an attorney about these dumb asses.
Fed Up
 Sep 17th, 2007
they did not speak when i answered. i called the number back, and it was from the office of Malcoln Gerald. I did a search on yahoo, and it is a COLLECTION AGENCY
 Jul 14th, 2007
 Apr 26th, 2007