I guess I won't have to tell Kitty to read the FDCPA and defend her rights. California has its own pretty good laws protecting alleged debtors. Kristina took a chance on a verbal demand, which usually does no good. Never mind the foolish "File Number", just send the cease-comm via USPS Certified if the collector's contacts are misfired.
 Jan 05th, 2011
This number keeps calling my parents...I was finally here when one of the calls occurred.In the past , they were asking for me,but this time there was no name on the recording.I live in California.The parents live in Oregon.I called the company back,but whomever I spoke with was extremely rude.Needless to say,nothing was accomplished.T­his company is a bunch of bottom feeders that take the last-ditch effort in collecting a debt that is on the brink of coming off of your credit report.I have been a telemarkerter,­even done some collections and these types of idiots are the reason that job SUCKED so freakin' bad!
 Jan 05th, 2011
They keep calling for Thomas Barron. I do NOT KNOW HIM! And have been hung up on when I request to have them stop calling me. Whoever the hell Thomas Barron is call these damn people so they will leave me alone!! :)

They are a collection agency of some sort: Here is the information

Contact Merchants' Credit Guide Co.

By Phone

If you have received a letter from Merchants' Credit Guide, you may contact us by phone using the number listed on the letter. For fastest service, we will need your File Number listed on the letter.

If you do not have the letter, you may call us toll-free at 888-249-4134.

By Mail

Alternatively, you may contact us by mail at the following address. Please include your File Number listed on the letter you have received.

Merchants' Credit Guide Co.
223 West Jackson Blvd, Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60606

I finally called the corporate number and spoke with Mr. Kennedy which he seemed reasonable enough. I hope for their sake I get no more calls or a harrassment suit will be my next step with this company.
 Aug 26th, 2010
some debt collectors, as below some bogas person named stacy calling
 Aug 06th, 2010
Had this message on my answering machine today:

"This is a message for Tracy D Lester. If you are not Tracy D Lester please hang up or disconnect. If you are Tracy D Lester please continue to listen to this message. There will now be a three second pause in this message... By continuing to listen to this message you acknowledge that you are Tracy D Lester. You should not listen to this message so that other people cab hear it as it contains personal and private information. There will now be a three second pause in this message to allow you to listen to this message in private... This is Stacy from merchants Credit Guide. This communication is from the Debt Collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Please contact us about an important business matter at 888-249-4134. Once again that number is 888-249-4134. Thank you."

1. The statement that staying on the line after a three second pause acknowledges that you are the person they name is a bunch of s**t... how, as in my case, is a machine supposed to know to disconnect?

2. Allowing three seconds to allow the person to listen in private is funny... If I picked up the phone, would not the message be private anyway since the phone would be to my ear?

3. I have had this # for over four years now. I receive calls several times a month from "financial" institutions looking for Tracy Lester. No matter how many times I tell the callers that I do not know the person and ask that my number be disassociated with Ms. Lester, the calls continue.
 May 08th, 2010