THIS IS A SPOOFED Caller ID number.

Before 411 Directory assistance, 555-1212 was the number people called to get Directory Assistance. It worked in all of the area codes. i.e. 213-555-1212 201-555-1212 312-555-1212, etc.

If you have ever watched a TV show or Movie where a phone number was given, you will now notice that they generally have the 555 Prefix, as ALL of the extensions, 555-0001 - 555-9999 would behave the same way as each other.

I just received a call from a company, and the Caller ID read DIRECTORY ASST 310-555-1213.

This is a person that is trying to disguise their identity by using a FAKED or SPOOFED caller ID Tag. IT IS ILLEGAL.

Knowing that it is illegal, unless a person is calling you back from DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE, then the person on the other end is likely to LIE and do many more illegal things, including separate you from your money, do damage to your home and even cause harm to your family.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY or ANY COMPANY that intentionally hides it's identity or uses catch phrases like, "WE SPOKE LAST MONTH" "THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO GIVE YOU MONEY/ REBATES / INCENTIVES" These are clever deceptions to make them appear to have a relationship with you, your family or other household members, and / or APPEAR to be with the Government (even though there may be real and tangible rebates and programs, the company is NOT WITH the government) They are deceitful and likely don't want you or the government to find them because they are breaking multiple laws and VIOLATING TRUSTS... your trust and mine.
 Oct 11th, 2013