This caller is a scam pretending to be from cash net usa. They are not from them.
 Aug 23rd, 2014
Watch out if you get a call from this number and the guy says he's from cashnetusa. I already filed a complaint with the FBI and talked to a customer rep at
12/16/2013 Jim Adams called and left a message that my bank had accepted my loan(?) 12/17/2013 Jim Adams called and left the same message. (I had deleted both messages after I called him back.) He told me that he was from Cashnetusa and to call him from his office number and that I was approved for the amount of $2,000 and that I had to verify my information. He already had my account number and just wanted me to repeat my routing number. Then, I had to verify my name, birthdate, and last 4 of my social. He told me to put $120 on my card so that he can verify that I have $120. After, I put it on my netspend card, he told me it was illegal for him to get into my account to check to see if the money was on there and that I needed to buy a Vanilla Reload Network card and then call him back to tell him what the number on the back is. I kept making him reassure me that he was not going to take the money because that was all I had and he said it was just to verify that I had money. After, I gave him the number, he told me he would call me back in 45 minutes with the good news. After 45 minutes, he called and said that I got some insurance that would pay 4 months if I lost my job or could not pay; that I got health insurance for 12 months free; and a free health card. I told him I already had insurance. He told me that the insurance required $110 on another Vanilla Reload Network card and that the insurance would pay back the $110 plus $2000 to equal $2,110 in 30 to 45 minutes. I told him I did not have that money; why could he not take it out of the $120 that was already on the 1st card? He told me that it had a hold on it & that I could not access it for 2 hrs. Finally, I told him that I wanted to cancel it and he told me that I had to pay a $70 cancel fee.
 Dec 18th, 2013