Spoke to B of A representative on my mortgage and she wanted to update my info, when I gave her the last 4 of my home phone, she said "Oh it's not 3124709921?" So I wrote it down, verified with her that this is the number, corrected the error and came here. Wow, not sure what that means.
 Dec 06th, 2011
I looks this could be a calling card number. I have a legitimate client out of Hong Kong that have just called me from this number.

Stretch Limousine, Inc.
 Nov 17th, 2011
Received a phone call from Singapore, they were using a phone card from at&t, because it is a customer of ours and I asked them.
 Nov 16th, 2011
the caller id shows it out of chicago.
 Aug 15th, 2010
this number 312-470-9921 called my business and asked me a bunch of questions about shipping to austraila
 Aug 15th, 2010
I keep getting this phone number 312-470-9921 calling my business line and he says his name is Ronnie. He says he will transfer my call to Mr. Brian Davis but I get Mr. Williams on the phone. Ronnie left me a voice mail to call him back at 212-372-7274 or he will file legal actaion against me. I know these names are not real, because everyone I speak to has a foreign middle eastern accent like they are from India or Pakistan call center and these guys are just phone operators. They are threatening legal action against me stating they have all my bank account info and that I owe $929.00 for a cash advance i got from their client in June 2009. The funny thing is here in California, it is a state law that says no cash advance company can provide a cash advance to any California resident for more than $260, so this is a fraud and a scam. I asked them for the name of the company that claims i owe them money, and they gave me a cash advance website that has no phone or address on it, and i researched the ownership for the domain name and no luck, so this is a scam. I asked them for my account # and the phone number to the company they claim i owe money to, and they refused to provide me proof, and they refuse to mail me evidence and proof i owe any money to a company that does not exist because they wont give me the company's contact info. They just keep threatening me stating that they will file legal case in court against me, and keep calling my business every week. I called the Police to file a report and the police said they are not doing anything illegal and is not harrasment. You can file a claim with the FTC but they will not do anything and would take them years to take action, if they chose to do so. They have bigger cases to deal with. So what do we do? Anyone or any attorneys that has any info or could help, email me at
 Apr 19th, 2010
"customer" called in wanting to order 200 dining room chairs to be shipped to Seoul, South Korea totaling $47,000. Any order of this size to a foreign country raises a red flag, so I searched for the number they called from and it was this one.
 Dec 08th, 2009
919-765-9090 312-470-9921 813-775-2567 503-205-0901 713-820-1647 410-774-8024 215-360-2678 773-250-0000 703-286-5537 503-205-0062 410-774-8196 410-412-6977 412-208-6000 586-930-2245 847-783-8311 732-865-8120 303-214-7117 281-818-0188 281-818-0811 410-774-8068 847-876-1011 609-496-1080 954-364-8187 508-713-5517 760-936-0514 847-783-8952 919-370-1698 412-297-6510 920-593-9174 214-414-0526 303-323-0035 410-402-0935 412-209-0107 301-712-9067 301-944-3000 301-712-9065 954-283-8515 703-662-5502 508-404-9059 781-716-2318 502-554-9467 212-549-0776 516-303-2958 304-382-4274 727-437-5158 860-357-8386 508-598-7834 773-240-5009 773-896-0504 602-358-0120 713-423-1040 847-713-8183 310-254-7358 972-649-0200 605-553-1680 414-207-5638 734-329-3558 920-593-9032 602-718-9975 954-633-7398 919-375-1252 708-459-4135 773-249-5007 972-512-9501 334-414-9526 410-774-8549 901-251-0573 201-374-7232 847-783-8966 808-212-4768 410-878-1035 251-243-9739 410-910-0622 605-553-8706 206-701-0137 623-687-3753866-210-7636 866-701-8375 212-918-0000 201-793-1694 818-450-5603 603-821-7551 201-373-8358 866-701-8376

MCImetro, Ats | MCIMETRO, ATS, INC | mcimetro, ats,inc | Mcimetro, Ats, Inc. | mcimetro ats inc. | mcimetro.ats,inc | mci metro ats inc | mcimetro ats | Mci Metro Ats, Inc. | MCImetro,Ats | mci metro, ats | "MCImetro, Ats" | MCI Metro ATS | mc imetro ats | MCImetroAts | MCIMETRO, ATS INC | MCImetro ats inc | mci metro ats, INC | Mcimetro,ATS,INC | Mcimetro,ATS,Inc. | MCIMETRO, ATS, INC."
 Aug 09th, 2009
This people at these ARE INTERNET AND PHONE #'S Identity THIEVES Ussing also Different Phone as 630-315-1040 Will you report this FBI and the police investigators and Justice Department.
 Aug 07th, 2009
Rang once and stopped. This was done in the same evening by 212-918-0000 and 212-547-0000
 Jul 31st, 2009
Called in the middle of the night. Did not answer. Called in the AM just a loud steady noise.
 Mar 05th, 2009
Calls from this number hacked into company voicemail through our 800 telephone number to make fraudulent long distance calls out of the country to Sierra Leon phone number 232-222-80966, as well as calls to Denver 720-239-5002, and New York 212-547-0000 and 212-918-0000,
 Sep 19th, 2008
I am having the same problem from the same Caller Id Info, MCImetero, Ats only the number displays 480-282-6893 and he's using different names, like Kevin, Peter, Frank, it's the same man and he is calling my place of employment making threats about me owing him money, he will not give an address or any information including a call back number, I got the number from our Positron at work, I work for Emergency Medical Services in Lucas County, which is in Toled Ohio. I've filed a complaint with the Federal Trades Commission just today, but I don't know what else to do about this "Wack" job who refuses to quit calling my work and home....other than get the Sherrif involved. I did a Reverse phone number search thru the white pages, it shows this number is from Phoenix Arizona and a map coordinate of 8th and W Jefferson. That's the only information I could find.
Kayla Leamy
 Jun 05th, 2008
Email scam....from Also claiming to be George Emerson from Pacific Radio.
Wanted drop shipment of approx. 15,000 worth of HP products on Net 30 terms.
Sent bank references as well.

Email originated from rackspace in the UK.
 Mar 14th, 2008
Also uses phone numbers 510-277-1599 and fax number 566-794-7890
 Mar 13th, 2008
Here is more information on this number:
Person uses a combination of bouncing email servers and spoofing addresses then phone to complete the scam.
Emails originate in the US (spoofed address from a parked domain) and Sweden (originating locale of emails)


Originating email comes from an address in this block from Europe:
IP address:
Date: 02/20/2008
ISP responsible for the IP Block.
OrgName: RIPE Network Coordination Centre
Which leads to:
Information related to ' -'
inetnum: -

Original solicitation came from the following addresses (the same block above and this one below):
IP address:
OrgName:, Inc.
Country: US

With the following information recorded about the sender for your records:
This appears to be a spoofed email address taken from a parked domain at GO Daddy:

User-Agent: Web-Based Email 4.12.23
X-Originating-IP: []

End of investigative transcript.
Q Gregory
 Feb 20th, 2008
New scam found: Caller claims to be George Emerson, from a San Leandro, California business and is looking to purchase approximately 400 piece items for a drop shipment in Rockledge, FL. totalling approximately 14,000 US dollars.
However, upon investigation with the REAL company these people are posing as, the following was found.

The name George Emerson was found to be one of a former employee and the company denies having a need for the solicited products the email sent requests.
The scammers request the order for product on 30 day net terms and that it be drop shipped. The scammers provide reference documentation (bank, vendor contacts, and business registration information of the actual company) but after verification of a simple call to the actual company, which does not want product requested. No further action taken.

Moreover, the scam uses the following phone numbers as well:
888-543-2096 - no one answers
800-881-6515 - no one answers - indicates voice mail for a Frank Sanders (the supposed FL warehouse location)
312-470-9921 - fax tones recorded, no one picks up

Actual company requests information related to communications with the individual proporting to be one George Emerson be forwarded to J. Phillips ( the real company.

Email for soliciation of the scam originates from


Futher, the scam uses the following phone numbers as well
Quitman Gregory
 Feb 20th, 2008
I received a call from this number and might know who it is. Have their basic info.
 Sep 06th, 2007
(312) 470-9921

Find the owner for the above number and get $1000
The gang steal calling cards and use them by calling the above number and then re route the calls to the middle east
 Aug 09th, 2007
We will pay $1000 if someone from
888-605-0469) can tell us the name of person who own nad use this number (312) 470-9921
they use it from Lebanon in a call center and it looks they do strange callings. Any tip on the name of the owner is appreciated.
Pay one grand
 Aug 09th, 2007
This number belong to a call center in Lebanon
The people in this center are thieves because they steal calling cards from web sites and they used it in their call center in Lebanon. They use numbers that connected to switches in united state and it looks they are a gang that do illegal stuff also if you check the countries they call based on the calling cards that they steal you will find it very strange because it looks its possible that they cause threat

They have this phone number 503-205-0901 and also the following
For 630-315-1041
Type: Land Line
Provider: MCImetro, Ats
Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Land Line
Provider: MCImetro, Ats
Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Land Line
Provider: Paetec Communications
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Fraud & Subpoena Compliance
Phone: 877.999.7705

Type: Land Line
Provider: MCImetro, Ats
Location: New York, NY

Type: Land Line
Provider: MCImetro, Ats
Location: Dallas, TX

Type: Land Line
Provider: MCImetro, Ats
Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Land Line
Provider: MCImetro, Ats
Location: New York, NY

Type: Land Line
Provider: Digitcom Services
Location: Los Angeles, CA
 Aug 09th, 2007