Gold Remodeling is using this number to rip off people.

Here is their info.

Tell them to stop calling, if they call again you can file a claim against them in small claims court and receive $500 each tim they call you. If you can prove it was intentional you get $1,500 each time they called.

Your rights are protected by the TCPA telephone consumer protection act. It is simple to win against them.

Gold remodeling

430 S. Western Ave., #204, Los Angeles, California. CA 90020
contractor number 955584


David (Amir) Cohen, cell number 818-266-3722
Office number 213-908-7135,
toll free number 877-907-2305,
fax number 213-908-7267. ( 2 ) NR Construction. California State contractor's license #936822,
alternate address of 5012 Whitsett Ave., Valley Village, CA. Office number 213-908-7143. ( 3 )

responsible managing officer for Gold Remodeling is Simo Ben-Shetrit and the
CEO/Pres. is Hila Vaknine - Cohen.
Elias Amir, Kohen Amir, Blum Yehoshua Yochai, Shitrit Ronen, Mizrahi Shabtai and Turgeman Yoni Zion.
Responsible managing officer for NR Construction us Nir Liani.
Sole Owner for Delta Home Remodeling is Hila Vaknine.
 Jul 10th, 2013
this guy is creepy! he called my name, then hanged up.
by the way, this number was not used when I called back. CREEPY!
 May 23rd, 2013