Received call from number. I didnt answer. No message left.
 Jan 24th, 2013
Caller ID came up as Customer SVC. It was an automated message from "Credit Card Services".
The message claimed that I had become eligible for a lower rate on my credit card and asked me to press 1 for a live rep...

So... I pressed 1. A lovely woman with an Indian accent greeted me and asked how she could help.

I asked her what company was she with. She answered "Credit Card Services" and then went on to tell me how it was Visa/ Mastercard/ Bank of America/ Chase, etc and that because I had been a good customer, having paid on time for 8 months in a row, that I was eligible for a lower rate...

Now... I have been on time with my payments for nearly 2 decades... So here's where I started pinning them to the mat. I said: "Ok, you called me, which credit card are you calling me about?"

She asked me to repeat my question, so I did. Her answer was, "All of them." Who does this woman think she is? Sarah Palin? LOL So I asked her again, what the name of her company was... Again, she answered, "Credit Card Services"

So I got her in a bit of a headlock, her shiny black hair mussing in my sweaty armpit... and I leaned in close and said... "No, nuh-uh, now way, this is a scam... come on..."

And she went on to reassure me that it was not a scam, that she was with Visa, Mastercard, Bank of America, etc... LOL

I asked her if I could have the address of "Credit Card Services"... She asked me if I was paying more than 10%. I repeated the request for the address of their company...

And that's when I got hung up on. I don't even believe that the woman is the one who terminated the call... But as abruptly as the call ended , I was like... yeah... that's what I thought. Dismounted my chair, raised my arms in a "V". "V" for Victory. Then I swaggered out of the room with my elbows out... had to turn sideways a little, just to get through the door.

Hilari Ous
 Jan 23rd, 2013
I just got a call from the same number - 310-599-2908 - Name came up as "Customer Service". They said they weren't issuing a new credit card because I have bad credit and a lot of debt!
Total SCAM!!!! They are fishing for credit card numbers! Don't talk to them, report them to DO Not Call!
 Jan 23rd, 2013
Credit card scammer about lowering my interest rates. Get these calls about 2x per week on land line. Today (10/23/12) on cell at 9:01 AM. Both numbers are on Do Not Call List. Apparently, this doesn't stop the robo calls.
 Oct 24th, 2012
I don't give out my phone. Had to be marketing
 Oct 24th, 2012
I received a call from this number and did not answer because I did not recognized who it may be. My cell phone is suppose to be a private number... bug off!
 Oct 23rd, 2012
This has to be a scam, I was called regarding lowering my credit card interest rate when I don't even have a credit card to begin with!
 Oct 23rd, 2012
Calling on my Cell which is a private number.
 Oct 23rd, 2012
Call received on my cell phone; left no message on my cell phone
 Oct 23rd, 2012
Received call thius a.m., caller left no message. I don't understand why unknown people keep calling and hanging up.
 Oct 23rd, 2012