Received on cell phone and did not leave a message. Very annoying! At least I can an block numbers on my cell, i wish I could do it on land line. However, when there is no number, I can't block it!
Annoyed roo
 Mar 29th, 2014
one ring and hung up
 Mar 03rd, 2014
Apparently this number is associated with whats being called the one ring scam. The scam works like this: they play on human curiosity, they have it setup where they ring your phone once, hoping you call them back to see who the caller was, then you get charged (by calling you them back) a varying connection fee (usually $19.95) then a per minute charge until you terminate the call. here's a link to the BBB that explains the scam in better detail:
 Mar 01st, 2014
one ring call
 Feb 09th, 2014
one call then hung up.
 Feb 04th, 2014