called me a very dirty name that was something a vacuum cleaner might be used for on a male body part. I told them I was on the NDNCR which really scared them a lot. he laughed and said good luck finding us.
 May 14th, 2009
When I picked up the call there was no one on the line. After several seconds of dead air, a recording came on asking me to push 1 to speak to someone about my car warranty or press 2 to be removed from their call list. I pressed 2 - the recording said "thank you, your number is now removed from our list". I hope they do just that!
 Apr 07th, 2009
They called this morning and did not leave a message. Showed up as Cell Phone CA on the caller ID. Looked suspicious so I thought I would research it some. Glad I did, now I know it's a scam.
 Apr 03rd, 2009
Big scam. Don't give these people the time of day. Just let it ring.
cell user
 Apr 03rd, 2009
I have reported this to the do not call list. This is nothing but a scam
 Apr 02nd, 2009
You can file a small claims of $500.00 per incident in your state. Thank the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, signed into law by George Bush the elder. You can find an interesting story at the URL below...
Rich Ness
 Apr 02nd, 2009
I have reported this with the Office of the Inspector General Investigations. I would encourage everyone to do the same. This is obviously a scam as they have now called my number 3 times. When they call again, you may as well confront the guy and state that you are reporting them to the OIG. Then hang up.
 Apr 02nd, 2009
stop calling
 Apr 02nd, 2009
Go to http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm, whether you are on DoNotCall registry or not.

If you talk to the caller, it helps if you ask them to identify the company they represent. It's Illegal not to identify themselves properly.

Scammers use a technique called "war dialing." Their computers dial randomly generated numbers, could be your cell phone or your hospital room, they don't care. Needless to say, "war dialing" is also banned.

 Apr 01st, 2009
Warranty on car - some guy named "Anthony" - I know it's a scam, but I figured I'd screw with them. I pressed "1" to be connected, then when he came back, I asked some questions about the warranty. Specifically I asked if it went into effect immediately. He said "Yes", I said "That's great, because I'm looking out the window now and the car's on fire. Is that covered?" - he hung up.

Put a smile on my face... Everyone should waste as much of their time as they possibly can without giving them anything valid about any vehicle anywhere.

Tell them you have a 1972 "Opel XL" ask if it's covered. A "1970 Vega" is a good one. "1975 Ford Pinto". A "GMC Pacer", anyone remember the "Gremlin"? Just give them a bunch of useless crap...

Then go and file a complaint with donotcall.gov and the FCC
 Apr 01st, 2009
The caller is a fraud...... according to the CA consumer complaint, the guy is trying to collect information; the longer you stay on the call with this one, the more tracking on his computer he is doing. He is pulling in your personal information every second you stay on the phone. I am on the do not call registry. This is not a company but a personal cell phone. He is collecting your information. The FBI wants to hear from you. The attorney general is your state wants to hear from you. Remember the longer you stay on the phone the more info he is collecting.
 Mar 31st, 2009
these people have called me twice. i hung up the first time. the second time i waited for them to look up my information. then they came back on line and wanted to know my car model and year. i told them that THEY had the information...so why ask me.

PLEASE PEOPLE!!!! file a complaint with do not call registry, if in fact you are registered. put these creeps behind bars
 Mar 31st, 2009
Please die a horrible death you unwanted, useless, morons, incable of reading a do not call reg.
 Mar 31st, 2009
Call the attorney general's office in the state relating to the area code from which you recieved the call.
Also, some telecom providers give you a reverse look up for scammers. Digitcom offers this. This scam appears to be routing through the internet in Asia,
so good luck ever finding them.According to Digitcom: Number 310-495-4517 is being used by Asia Pacific Telecom
EMAIL: dalong_chin@yahoo.com
PHONE: 011-861-0642985858
 Mar 30th, 2009
Third Time this week they called though I am on the National DO NOT CALL REGISTRY.
 Mar 30th, 2009
Hey you Retards - this is not a legitimate company - this is a scam to STEAL your credit card number - DO YOU THINK THEY CARE IF YOU ARE ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST!!!!!!! DUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Mar 29th, 2009
Recorded message - Caller ID showed "Unkonwn Name - unable to access a live human and verbally ask that they stop calling - reported to the Federal Do Not Call List
 Mar 28th, 2009
Called them back and was told to remove my number press 1. I hope this helps. I am registered on the do not call list, so they should not be calling me at all!
 Mar 28th, 2009
when i finally got someone on the phone he asked for my car info , I told him he called me then he should have that info, he said he still needed it then i told him this was a bullshit call he said I was bullshit and hung up on me.
 Mar 28th, 2009
corporate - 954-423-3700 is the number to call back. antonio called me and pushed me to a recording before i could tell him that i have a manuf. warranty. he was rude. called corporate number and chewed someone out. they will put you on their dnc list.
Chad K
 Mar 27th, 2009
I am registered on do not call list & still got a call from this number at 9:40pm last evening. When I asked who they were they transfered me to a recorded message & I couldn't get back to a live person. Very rude people.
 Mar 26th, 2009
I'm so glad a number showed up on my caller ID finally. This co. has called with blocked #s several times leaving cryptic msgs about an auto warranty. Just filed my complaint with donotcall.gov.
 Mar 26th, 2009
also filed a complaint w/ donontcall.gov

this is ridiculous.
 Mar 26th, 2009
would like to get ahold of the person behind these calls and then spam THEIR phone #. Filed a complaint with www.donotcall.gov
 Mar 25th, 2009
3-25-09 Wednesday 1:31pm

From Culver City, CA.
Called on my cell phone.
I didn't answer, they didn't leave a message.
 Mar 25th, 2009
didn't answer
simon quizno
 Mar 25th, 2009
called on 3/25 at 1140 hrs.. callerr id showed CELLULAR CALL.. recorded message re car warranty that i really need....
 Mar 25th, 2009
Saw it was a "California" call, and since I do not know anyone in CA I did not pick up. They left an automated-sounding message about extended warranty on my car and made it sound as though I would be in trouble if I did not comply. These idiots are obviously scammers, as my car is old was out of warranty before I even bought it! haha
 Mar 25th, 2009
I'm tired of this telemarketer. File a complaint at https://www.donotcall.gov/default.aspx
 Mar 25th, 2009
Got the call, both at home and at work. At home I got hung up on after Antonio told me to hang on while he pulled my records. At work they call asking if I wanted to extend my warranty. When I asked which vech he was calling about, he couldn't tell me due to his computer crashing. So I decided to play along (knowing it was a scam)...we have over a million customers bla bla bla, we work with all the dealers bla bla bla.
Ok how much.
You can have all this for only $2695
That's not bad, how do I sign up if your system is down?
I'll just take your info and enter it in when it's back up.
Why don't you call your IT department and then call me back.
We don't have an IT dept.
What....no IT, and your a million customers wide? You called me and you don't have my car info.
Oh but sir, everyone's system goes down.
Yes it does, but shouldn't you get it back up and running before you call?

At that piont, he got very fustrated with me and it was now my time to hang up.
 Mar 25th, 2009
By the way...I don't own a car... :^)
 Mar 24th, 2009
Everyone needs to go to the Do Not Call Registry and file a claim against this number. I find it interesting that these warranty scammers are so desperate not to have their company investigated that they are now using cell phone numbers (which this one is)to call from!!!
 Mar 24th, 2009
have been getting calls everyday including weekends for the last month from 9 different #'s. I ask to be taken off the list but they keep calling.

Here is the name, address and number of the company responsible -
Extended Auto Warranty
corporate - 954-423-3700
sales - 954-449-2664
1868 N. University Dr. Ste. 304
Plantation, FL. 33322

Call corporate and you can talk to the secretary. I have been calling every hour to see how they like it. Lets all do it and tie up their lines!

Better yet, I filed complaints w/ the FCC and FTC. It takes a few minutes, but if they get enough complaints maybe something will be done about it, so please do it...

Angry E
 Mar 24th, 2009
Per the FTC site regarding the Do Not Call Registry (here http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/alerts/alt107.shtm) you can file Do Not Call violation complaints here: https://www.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx Worth a shot.
Doug from VA
 Mar 24th, 2009
This is a total scam. I called my dealer and they know but can't really do anything. They keep calling my house and even called through to my car with my On-star phone number!
 Mar 24th, 2009
Thought I had the calls stopped...but just stopped for a couple of weeks & now they have starting calling several times a day. I seriously think the do not call list is a crock & am beginning to think thats where these calls are originating from. You can't talk to anyone & can't call them back to tell them not to call! Getting extremely annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Mar 24th, 2009
I am sick of these people calling, why is it they can call and I am on the do not call list
 Mar 24th, 2009
3/24/09 called my cell phone -which is on the do not call list! I told them to never call it again.
Betty from VA
 Mar 24th, 2009
Called without permission to cell phone, took me 6 months to get these same people to stop calling my work phone. Guess I'm going to go through this all again. Before they were calling from Atlanta...
 Mar 23rd, 2009
No one was on the other line.... the caller ID said cell phone CA
 Mar 23rd, 2009
I just got a call from them too, whats weird is I answer the phone he said this name real quick then then he'll be right back while he looks up the info before i had a chance to say anything ..except he never came back it went to asking me to press #1 for some option or #2 if my vehicle is still under warranty ..so I pressed one just to see what they wanted ..( i knew it was a scam, i get this on my cell phone too ) they know all my info already though ..they know my name and who the cars are registered under ..he asked if i wanted to extend my warranty on my car ..I said uhh the car is 14 years old ..so he asked about my other car ..and I told him that ones still under warranty ..so he said you want to extend it or just wait till that one expires ..I told him i'll wait till it expires ..really no reason to have what he's offering me ..and that was it ..he said have a nice day and hung up ..maybe they'll stop calling now ..maybe if you get them to think that theres no way for them to scam you by telling them you have a really old car ..they'll go bug some other people ..really surprised they haven't been tracked down ..you can hear tons of people in the background talking ..
 Mar 23rd, 2009
these guys must be busy trying to scam somebody.
 Mar 23rd, 2009
Very aggressive harassing sales call for auto extended warranties.
 Mar 23rd, 2009
No message- just a call - have had several from someone wanting me to sell me an extended warranty for my car ... not sure if this is the same thing. The last call was a 702 area code so ....
 Mar 23rd, 2009
 Mar 23rd, 2009
I got the same thing as the kevster below. I didn't hit either 1 or 2 or even 0 and it hung up on me.
 Mar 23rd, 2009
called my cell phone that was provided to me by my employeer. i get these on my home phone as well. usually if I play along to get more info, the caller becomes suspicious and hangs up. the option of selecting an opt out does not work. caller id # was 310.495.4517
 Mar 23rd, 2009
 Mar 21st, 2009
This is possibly a fake Caller ID number. Recorded message tells people to call Allied American Capital at 1-866-343-4049. When I called and asked to be removed from their calling list, they hung up on me.
 Mar 20th, 2009
Caller ID says Cell Call. You don't expect a solicitor to use a cell but I am getting more and more of them who do. Very sneaky as you are more prone to answer a call that is a cell #. Anyway, they don't leave msg.
 Mar 19th, 2009
this jerk continues to call a lot telling me i am in "deep trouble" if i dont buy the warranty - he says my suv could " go out at any momemt" and i would be out a lots of money( lots was his term) yeah right - their warranty will cost ten times as much as the repair and then it probably wont pay . SCAM SCAM SCAM. Get this - i told him i am on DNC and he says - too bad - yout( yes yout) are missing a lot of good buys out there" - how arrogant. I am going to report to BBB if I can find out who this is. And also to FTC. How do these people get away with ignoring DNC.
jack from texas
 Mar 19th, 2009
left a msg on answering machine 'PRESS ONE TO HEAR THIS MESWSAGE."
 Mar 18th, 2009
Answered this call at 8:46pm on 3/16/09. A man said to hold on while he looked up my file. A recording then wanted me to press either 1 or 2 depending on my current warranty status. I pressed 0 instead then waited. The line finally went dead. I then filed a complaint with donotcall.gov where I'm sure nothing will be done about it.
 Mar 17th, 2009
This number called twice today. I answered the first time and the person said they were calling about extending a warranty. I hung up on them. Didn't answer the second call.

Filed a complaint with the FTC. I recommend doing the same if you get a call from this number. Here's the site to file a complaint: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en
 Mar 16th, 2009
Got the call too. Funny that 2 hours earlier, my credit union said someone stole my credit card number and they froze my account
dan m
 Mar 16th, 2009
Pain in the ass phone call. They call and hang up!!
 Mar 16th, 2009
Call about Car Warranty.
 Mar 16th, 2009
This person is being a nuisance caller won't leave a message in your voice mail, and shows no name on the caller ID, and when *69 out of your area code.
Dawn Johnson
 Mar 14th, 2009
Called several time about car warrenty, it is important to extend your warrenty they say, press 1 to extend, press 2, to update your current warrenty, what a crock, I am reporting them to the AT. Tried to call number back, and sid it was not available.
 Mar 14th, 2009
Everyday they call about credit card debit. I select line two to be opt out of calls but this never happens.

Today when I selected line one and ask the person to please stop callling me she said to have a good day and she would be sure to all me tomorrow!
Patricia Mills
 Mar 13th, 2009
Car Warranty extension scam. I have recieved calls from various area codes attempting to pull the same BS. Are the FEDS doing anything to thwart this yet?
 Mar 12th, 2009
said I am calling to extend your warranty- hang on while I pull up your records
phone owner
 Mar 12th, 2009