Just another home improvement company. I must get 30-40 calls a month from various construction outfits running this telemarketing spoofing scam. Just so sick of these a**h**** I could scream. I bought the Panasonic phone w/call block. As soon as I get one number blocked, they use another one and the calls start again. I'm on the DNC list, I've made formal complaints with the FCC. Please, someone, send these jerks to jail.
 Nov 29th, 2012
this caller has called me everyday for at least 10 days and never says anything when i answer or never leaves a message ,when i try and call back i get number does not exist message ,now i know it exist because it is what comes up on my caller id .
 Nov 26th, 2012
Dan the man- home improvements
 Oct 16th, 2012
I tried to block this number with my service (Time Warner Digital) and called back but it is listed as "Invalid."
James Radomski
 Oct 03rd, 2012