you mr "resident" are an uncaring, unfeeling asshole. The main reason that this world is going to be judged soon is beacuse of evil assholes like yourself. WHY don't you offer some words of encouragement rather than trolling websites and spewing your judgemental bullshit?
 Jan 02nd, 2014
You realize, I hope, that your ''no call'' demands need to be delivered directly to the debt collector. Vent your stories and financial problems somewhere else. None of what you've spilled in your confessional is a defense for breaking a lender contract. That's how the collectors see it and that is how the courts will see it if you are one day sued for recovery.

If you want to defend yourself the smart way, learn the state and federal laws which govern how AFNI should do its job, and use them to control the phone calls and sue if your rights are denied.

You might start with a USPS Certified notice of dispute which mentions the type of phones being called. It is illegal for collectors to incur cost when making contact.
 Oct 20th, 2012
It's AFNI (Anderson Financial Network, Inc.) in a collection call sequence. Yes, I have no money to pay the bill, that's why you got the job. Yes, I have many obligations. No, I can not commit to a payment plan, I'm happy if I can eat and buy my medicines. No, I do not have a credit card to charge the balance to. No, I won't borrow the money from my mother or brother or friend or neighbor. Yes, I would like to pay my obligations. Yes, you are in the bad debt business, and right now, this is certainly in that category. Money doesn't grow on trees, so how about you employ me and all the other bad debtors out here and we'll just call each other all day and all night at home, at work, and maybe on multiple phones, too-- all at your expense? Maybe you can give me your home phone and I can call you like twelve hours a day at multiple numbers and just tell you I still don't have the money. Maybe you'll be successful. Maybe you'll just wear me out enough to the point of no hope or self worth. Maybe if I actually recover from the serious medical problems I'm currently facing that are creating this financial nightmare of stress, tension and shame--I may actually consider bankruptcy. I'll be able to keep my 1995 car. How about my underwater mortgage--probably keep that too--because no one else wants to absorb the 25K property value loss. How about my medical insurance payments @ 125/mo in 2005 and now @ 676/mo in 2012? Yes, I'm sure I can keep those, too. Along with pharmacy related expenses topping 10K/yr. Yes, it's true, all true. Even more true is that I know I couldn't even afford to work at AFNI, and actually feel sorry for people who do, as I know if they are ever in my spot, they couldn't pay all their bills either.
Life's a bitch, and you know something? If I did not have the money this morning on my unsmart phone, why did you think I'd have it later today on my home phone? Oh yes, I know, two phones you can afford. Not really, one is attached to lifeline $39/mo, and the other for medical emergencies--so quit burning up my prepaid minutes and respect you are costing me more money. The fact is if you want the money, you will have to wait. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. Forcing me into bankruptcy, you will end up completely empty handed, that is the only assurance I can give you. Stop calling me, please--debtor's prisons were outlawed, but my home has become your torture chamber and I just cringe in pain when the phone rings again.
 Oct 18th, 2012