This is a partial list of the MANY phone numbers Capital One calls me from, MANY times each day. I lost my job and have offered a payout offer to Capital One and yet they still keep calling, both to my home and cell phones. They received a registered Cease & Desist letter on August 9, 2010 from me and, since that date, have called 58 times. I filed complaints with the website and also with the Texas AG office yesterday. Texas AG website says it is illegal to harass with continuous calls and/or anonymous calls, so hopefully this will help.

866-929-5307 866-381-0453 718-359-1082
215-977-7223 559-332-2306 909-390-4781
800-861-5118 909-391-1768 404-869-1722
813-274-1837 562-483-7846 305-663-5884
714-374-8035 951-243-2302 281-208-1093
757-483-4840 215-667-7223 800-955-6600
805-964-0386 866-381-0453 866-929-5306

Here are other phone numbers for Capital One that I found (they have not called me from these numbers)while researching the phone numbers from which I have gotten calls.

813-806-6339 402-403-1150
559-399-0121 501-438-4177
231-366-4940 972-378-4101
734-408-4131 505-565-5115
323-315-0125 818-485-2263
845-738-4378 954-522-4917

Hope this makes your research a little easier...
 Aug 14th, 2010
This is Capital One and they have more than a few numbers they call from.... It's more like hundreds....
 Jan 27th, 2010
Sounds like Capital one and one of their 500 other numbers they use. I swera, one number for each area code in existense. They want to make you believe is coming from a household, they use a few 800 numbers. Got a GF that used to works for them. Cery Sneaky bastards!
 Sep 04th, 2009
yeahh everyone is saying its from capital one. but its annoying they have called me from three different numbers. im answering next time...
 Apr 26th, 2009
Yes it is from Capital One. They have multiple numbers that they use to call, especially if you are past due on an account.
 Feb 09th, 2009
Call from this number didn't leave a message. Do not know where it is from except it's from Miami, Florida. Did a quick search and found out it "might" be from Capital One. Not sure though.
 Jan 26th, 2009