It's nothing they can do. If the calls are persistent at your place of employment---show your supervisor/manager the blogs, comments on how they are scammers and somehow got ahold of your personal information. I would recommend closing your bank accounts and placing alerts on your credit reports. They try to intimidate you in to sending money----unfortunately, some have fallen prey. PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THE SCAM----THEY ARE LOSERS AND WILL EVENTUALL BE CAUGHT. ALSO---DO NOT CONVERSE WITH THEM---IT ONLY TRIGGERS MORE CALLS. THE MORE YOU IGNORE THEM----THEY WILL LOOK FOR MORE 'POTENTIAL VICTIMS'. SAD...
Ignore them
 Aug 29th, 2013
This guy has been hounding me as well. Says his name is Kevin and includes the Jr. in my name like it was a natural thing. Anyway - I asked him for specifics and he said he gave them to me. Then I asked to have information mailed and said he could only email it. Now he calls and I can't call him back because the number states it is disconnected. So he is either using a caller id spoof or has a real Mickey Mouse VOIP setup. Definitely heavy Indian accent.
 Aug 23rd, 2013
I have received numerous calls from this number stating they are a lawyer I hung up on them when they would not give me a physical location of their office.
 Jul 23rd, 2013
Yes they keep calling every few minutes at your work place and on your personal phones a lot in a day? I told them several times to stop calling my work place but they still kept calling work place and my boss was ready to fire me cause of it?
 Jul 21st, 2013
heavy accent man left a voice mail message regarding a crime investigation under my SS#. They need to stop.
 Jul 18th, 2013
Caller running the usual scam of "your social security is involved in fraud." Caller with heavy accent.
 Jul 16th, 2013