I told them not to call, they call again. The operator said "Fuck off stupid hindu" calls again and said "I fuck you up the butt" Ignore them, it's a bit funny, how angry they get. They say they can remove interest on an ITUNES card! Haha
 Feb 13th, 2014
This caller harrassed my patient and their family in the hospital. When family member talked to member they were verbally abused and insulted. The family became hostile and the person continued to call nonstop and harass verbally. When politely asked to quit calling they refused and said "what are you gonna do about it?"
 Feb 13th, 2014
Today around 4pm we received a phone call at our home number from one of those automated phone calls saying hi this is Lisa and your credit card is not in danger ..blah blah blah and that they can help us with lowering our interest the end of that msg is to push 9 to talk to a live rep(we get these phone calls all the time and they hang up on you) well I push 9 because all our phones are registered on the National Do Not Call List .....Now please forgive me for my language with what happened next...the guy(term used very loosely) answers and I ask to please talk to a mgr, he states he is a mgr and I ask to please remove our phone number from his call list, that we are not interested in his business and we are on the National Do Not Call List for this reason. He goes on to badger me saying why not, why not lower interest...I am a little pissed that this guy is badgering me, then he goes on to call me a Bitch, a Son of a Bitch, tells me so suck his d!ck and a few other things...NOW Im pissed yes I said a few things back before I hung up, I DONT nor will I EVER be talked to that way by any so called man...He calls back a 2nd time to time to tell me to unplug my phone and shove it up my azz and again to suck his........ well after telling this f@#K stick to get out of my country because he cant even speak English and that he probable does not even have a d...(Brian is in the background calling him every name in the book)...I hang up..He calls back 3rd time I dont answer he leaves a msg on our voice mail which I still have calling me a bitch and saying bitch please ........Personally dont sound legit to me ...Here is the number, it comes up Florida on caller ID and phone number is 305-368-8803. I have filed a complaint with the Do Not Call List but friends please be carefu
 Jan 17th, 2014
Caller said that I was eligible for a lower interest rate on my cc b/c I had a high credit rating. I refused to give my CC # and I hung up. I received 6 obscene voice mails and several hang-ups. The phone rang for 20 min. I called the FCC to file a complaint. I was told to call the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) b/c this is scam. The woman I spoke with said that last year they had trouble with this company and shut down several "mobile call centers". These centers are all over the country. The FTC also filed a "class action" lawsuit against this company and got money back for consumers that were scammed. These criminals are very active again. It is very important to call the FTC 877-382-4357 and file a complaint. I also was able to block this phone # with Verizon FIOS. I also called the Fraud Alert Center 800-916-8800 and put a 90 day alert on all of my accounts. We need to stop these criminals now!!!!
Pam in PA
 Dec 15th, 2013
I was eligible for a lower interest rate on my credit card b/c I had a high credit rating.
Pam in PA
 Dec 15th, 2013
Told me to suck a donkey's ____!
Patricia Wendt
 Nov 20th, 2013
Same happened to me! Wouldnt let me ask questions about what bank she works for so I finally hung up. She called back and told me "f*** you, are you f***ing crazy or what!" I said godbless u and hung up! Called 3 more times then had my husband answer (is a federal officer) and he told them u are calling an officer and it will be reported and the call traced...calls stopped after that.
veronica in TX
 Sep 28th, 2013
These are felons ready to take your CC info and identity. please report this to FCC like I did @
After questioning this
 Sep 10th, 2013
Credit card scam
 Aug 22nd, 2013
A very pushy lady tried to get personal credit card information from me. When i told her i was going to save her time, that i was not interested and to have a nice weekend i then hung up. 20 swconds later she calls back and tells me "f$@k younand your nice weekend."
I would love to talk to this witches supervisor.
 Aug 16th, 2013