received a call from a guy name David (spoke with accent) said my computer had issues, wanted to use remote to fix it, said he was with World Wide Windows. Let the guy take over my computer then when he asked if i had used cards for shopping and I said no, he switched me over to an english speaking guy who wanted me to pay 50 bucks for virus'es and error codes to be removed from my computer. I asked for his supervisors name and he gave me a name of Eric with a phone number of 304-229-3849. Called that number, a woman answered and said she too had received a call from a guy name David. Reported it to the police, and bbb, as well as got in touch with Microsoft itself. Law Enforcement is now monitoring my computer to see if any one has put a fingerprint on my computer keys. So...... I guess if you are legitimate, you will check into this matter before the police do it for you. Thanks
Jan Didawick
 Jan 15th, 2013