same shit With this company I tried to get them to quit do not call list does not help this last time today 08/15/2018 he would not shut up when I said do not call gain that's when the profanity came
 Aug 15th, 2018
Yes...it is a NEW number for credit card services or one of their sister accounts.....
The recording starts: Hello, since you have been on time making payments to your credit card account, we have a great offer for you. Press nine to speak to a representative......

So, I press (9) and when they answered, i proceeded to push the phone key pad in their ear.....it took about a minute before they finally hung up. Then I blocked the number.

This is the 22nd number I have blocked so far...."on my cell phone". And, yes i have reported everyone of them and nothing is done....!!!!!!

I wish anyone who works for this/these company(s) the bad luck of pissing the bed at night until they quit their job. :)
fed up with bs
 Feb 20th, 2013