It's definitely Barclay's bank Collections if you are late on one or more payments. Blocked the idiots. I don't need this BS.
North Carolina
 Aug 23rd, 2018
I received a call from this number, but if they were legitimate,I would have expected a voice mail would have been left. That right there flags it as a SCAM!
 Jul 25th, 2018
I just left the post about receiving a call from this number. I just want to clarify that I am an actual card holder, I do not work for Barclay's. I realized that my post was positive in nature and I don't want anyone to doubt or dismiss my comments. I received a call from this number and it was a representative from Barclay's calling about my MasterCard, an American Airlines Rewards card that I have with them. She was following up on a claim or report that I had just made regarding a fraudulent charge. I don't know if it's customer service or the fraud department, but I can confirm that it is Barclay's. Whoever it was just gave me a $1300 credit on my credit card, so they can call me anytime ;)!!
- Card Holder
South Carolina
 Mar 21st, 2017
This is Barclay's. I have an American Airlines credit card with them, an AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard. I recently had to dispute a fraudulent charge and this is the number that the Account Rep/Case Manager called me back from. They jumped on it immediately for me. It was resolved quickly and required no effort on my part. For the record, I have been a card holder for many years now and continue to be very happy with their services.
South Carolina
 Mar 21st, 2017
They are back! I received a call this morning from 302-255-8000. There was not ID given other then the number and Delaware. I know no one in Delaware so I did not answer. I do not answer any call if I do not know the number I do checked the numbers on the WEB. We have no credit cards issued from any of the many name they seem to use. We have been receiving a lots of calls from all over the US since our insurance company was hacked. All I can say is "DO NOT ANSWER CALLS IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE CALLER"!
Spanaway, WA
 Jul 10th, 2015
Claimed to be from Barclay Bank, but asked phishing questions: verify my date of birth and street address. After I hung up, I called the # on the back of my credit card and they had no record of someone having just called me, and stated that they'd never ask such questions. Advised not to give out info, but to hang up and call the # on the back of the credit card.
 Jul 24th, 2014
Someone keeps calling me on Sundays. She leaves the name "Faith", says she's calling from Barclay Bank regarding a survey about my credit card (she names the right card) that I filled out on her web site (that's news to me!), and tells me to phone her at an 866 number.

I've foolishly tried calling the number - and get the message saying it's Barclay Bank, they're closed for the weekend, and telling me I can leave a message. Their message-leaving message says they're closed for Veteran's Day... note, it's December now, so either their message is out of date or this is some sort of scam.
 Dec 09th, 2013
No response on other end of line
 Nov 20th, 2013
It is Barclay's, but it isn't a scam. I just missed a call from them, and they left me a message. I have a reward card where I get gift cards sent to me after so many points. For some reason a gift card was returned in the mail to them, so they called to verify my address. It wasn't a recording when I called back. The lady who left me the message answered and remembered leaving the message for me.

NOT a scam!
 Apr 22nd, 2013
got a call from them and didn't take it and they left a voice mail. he did call me by full name said he was bob calling from juniper bank (USAir frequent flyer card) and it was in reference to a complaint i had filed. gave me the reference number and said if i wish to discuss this further, to call the number on the back of my credit card. so i think this call was valid as i did indeed have a complaint filed last week.
 Jun 07th, 2011
I just got a call. When I asked who was calling, he said he was Ed "from the bank". I think someone may be faking the number on the caller ID.
 May 08th, 2011
I am a customer with a Barclay's Bank credit card. Earlier this week, I called to speak with a customer service rep manager but none was available. They suggested a manager call-back, so I was expecting a call from Barclay's Bank sometime this week. Not sure if their unsolicited calls also originate from this number.
 Apr 22nd, 2011
This number called my cell phone. I answered and there was just air....
 Jun 09th, 2010
yea they called my cell phone.but i didnt answer.i had just moved and my land line is only a week old.2 mins later they called that line .how the hell did they get that number that quick?
 Mar 21st, 2010
This number calls and calls my cell phone and leaves no message, caller ID only says Delaware.
702 Bill
 Jan 07th, 2010
I received a call from this number: 302-255-8000 on my cell phone. I didn't answer the call but did look up the number on the internet. After seeing that it was supposedly a bank, I called the number back. No one seemed to know who called me or why. They were unable to determine anything with the phone number. Then they asked if I was past due on my credit card. I asked which one, they couldn't tell me. So I told them if they call back I will answer the questions at that time. Meanwhile, I called every credit card that I have and did find out that I am not past due on anything. I am current and up to date. So why the phone call?? Be very careful on what information you give these people. Could be fraudulent.
Faith Maguire
 Nov 18th, 2009
Caller indicated they were from Barclays Bank. Called 702-835-0177 877-523-0478 866-740-4298 and talked represenatative into giving a FAX number for an official document to cease and desist. the FAX was 877-523-0482. Sent a DNC order entry for number called to FAX tone found at other end. this is the fourth attempt at removal from this caller. They employ a CIT auto dialing system/service.
 Sep 23rd, 2009
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 Aug 20th, 2009