I have had a very strange experience with this number. My father died 3 months ago. Four days ago at 4:22 pm Pacific time, a message was left on my mother's answering machine. The message was actually the Elton John song, "Rocketman." The number it came from was 951-324-0533. At 7:22 pm Eastern time (the EXACT same time) on the same day, I received a musical message left on my answering machine also. It was the song Sea of Love and the number it came from was 301-710-6404. Both of those numbers resolved back to United Recovery Systems. I am suspecting that this is a scam - someone read my father's obituary and is trying to take advantage of the situation. If it happens again, I will contact the authorities.
 Sep 24th, 2010
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 Aug 10th, 2009