first called with robo message claiming to be from the IRS and stating "YOU" owe the IRS. since the area code is 310 and that is located in gardena, california and the caller ID reads from Maryland...yeah. pitched between towers to probably make it hard to pinpoint.
when called, a male with a Spanish accent answeres the call and identifies himself as the IRS. so everyone, do the math. as a rule of thumb, the IRS does NOT. MAKE. CALLS. THEY DO NOT CALL INDIVIDUALS. THEY REACH OUT THROUGH LETTERS POSTED IN THE MAIL. so beware and stay safe. impressions tell me whoever is perpetrating this scam in their attempts to commit fraud and other numerous unsavoury acts against the unsuspecting populous, i say contact the FTC...file that complaint and hope like hell they catch the dumbshits can be caught in the act.
 Aug 10th, 2018
robocall will claim to be calling from the IRS and stating that you "owe" the IRS. yeah, bullshit. good luck with that scam.
when called back, male perpetrating fraud and scam purporting to be calling from the IRS. if you call back, a male actually gives his name and states he is with the IRS. yeah, meh! NOTE TO SELF: IRS DOES NOT CALL CUSTOMERS. THEY SEND MAIL IN ENVELOPES TO INDIVIDUALS IF THERE ARE DISCREPANCIES WITH ANY ACCOUNTS.
 Aug 09th, 2018