Mar 12th, 2012
 Mar 11th, 2012
I am looking for two ehpeltone features in particular;1) the ability to capture the phone number of the incoming caller and have it recorded for future download.2) the ability to request (via a recorded message) that the caller input his/her caller's ID number (via the ehpeltone keypad) and have that caller's ID Number recorded for future download. Then continue with a recorded message that provides final verbal instructions to the caller.FYI;(These are desirable features in the Direct Mail industry for tracking and follow up)a) Capturing the caller's ID Number will correlate with an external database that completely Identify's his.her Name, and Addressb) Capturing the Caller's phone number allows for future phone follow up to the caller.Does ifbypnone have this capability?Do you have an alternate suggestion?May 26, 2011 at 3:26 pmby Arthur Mazz
 Mar 10th, 2012