I've had several different calls from this number so far on my answering machine and every time they ask for a different name.

Seems like a scam company to me.
 Aug 16th, 2010
Getting lots of calls from this number 301-223-0068 lately. Have no clue as to who they are or what they want.Caller ID states: Call Center, MD.
David B
 Mar 08th, 2010
it's automated recording
 Jan 18th, 2010
i picked up the phone and said hello, a few seconds later the phone rings as if i dialed their number myself. An automated voice comes on asking for someone that lives in the household, and saying to press 1 if i am the person or press 2 if the person lives here but is not available. There are other options too, but i just hung up.
 Dec 07th, 2009
It's AACC. They're some type of collection agency or creditor. They've called a few times in the past along with a few other other crediting firms looking for someone that had my phone# in the past. I got lucky with AACC this time around(Friday) by talking with a live person this time. The woman talked in a pleasent tone of voice, even though I spoke in a slightly aggrevated voice. I eventually had them take my # that must've been the last number that AACC had and she promptly had it removed from their records, and no one's feelings hurt. Hopefully I don't get another call.
No Name
 Nov 01st, 2009
Caller ID only listed the phone number. I picked up, said hello and i heard a phone ring as if I called them. An automated voice answered and asked for someone that lives here by name, then gave options to press a corresponding button if I was the person they were asking for, if the person lives here but is not available, to place on hold while this person comes to the phone, etc. I hung up because I do not like giving out personal information, especially when the automated voice does not say who they are or their reason for calling.
 Oct 02nd, 2009
They called again. There was no response when I answered the phone. They are calling for someone unknown to us and who doesn't live here but there appears to be no way to get them to stop! This is so frustrating. My number is unlisted and on DNCR and the person they are calling for is a person who lived here before we bought this house!
 Sep 23rd, 2009
This was an automated call for someone not in residence at my address and unknown to all occupants. The call didn't give you an option for identifying it as a wrong number. This is the second time this caller has called.
 Sep 08th, 2009
Did not anwer. I don't answer # I don't know or are unknown
 Aug 10th, 2009
i called back and they saw i made the most impartmant phone call i could ever make in my life i press 1 then i get a phone call 3 minutes later
 Oct 04th, 2008
i answered and it was a recording saying that i won a free sattelite dish and free installation, and i got a call saying something about my cars warranty being expired and both said press 1 for a live agent and press 9 to be off the calling list, i hung up
 Sep 24th, 2008
Answered phone. No response from the other end.
 Sep 24th, 2008
Went to voicemail, no message left.
 Sep 24th, 2008
went to voice mail - no message left
 Sep 24th, 2008
did not answer. Don't know who it is. no message.
 Sep 24th, 2008