First reaction: Call from HMO that manages Medicare? Second reaction: The HMO would have given its name directly. Third reaction: LOL.
Cherryl Walker
 Jul 12th, 2013
I just got a call which I have on my block list. I get no ring but I do get a list of blocked calls on my phone. See below.

I have the Panasonic cordless telephone Model kx-tg6842b (2 handsets)
You can block 250 numbers plus kill the one ring that existed on earlier models that only allowed 30 blocked numbers.

The one handset model sells for $70 at Amazon.
 Jul 12th, 2013
Girl asked me to answer a one minute poll for the College Republicans. I hung up.
 Jul 07th, 2013
Constant calls no message. I never answer
 Feb 05th, 2013
I get calls from this number constantly, and they never leave a message. Caller ID comes up "Member Alert", but I never answer.
 Nov 15th, 2012
Female caller asked to speak to my husband. When I said he wasn't at home, she said she was calling from the Florida Republicans and would try to call him later.
 Oct 31st, 2012
This number is the solicitation phone from the College Republican fundraisers.
 Oct 17th, 2012
The caller hung up when I answered
 Oct 03rd, 2012
It's a front company for the Domestic Terrorism Division of the FBI that has been taken over by political operatives of the Obama Administration who investigate Facebook accounts and Message Board posts. You have evidently written something of which Obama disapproves and He has sent His people to spy on you. All they probably want a this point is a voice print to store until a future date, where they intend to prosecute you for whatever charge they can manufacture.

If they are calling you, they already have access to your emails and are tracking your phone calls. I would try to use cash only from this point on and most certainly never discuss politics with friends over the phone.
Annie Price
 Sep 17th, 2012
This call is likely from a commercial fundraiser calling for a national medical charity, but the calls can be for any number of charities or political parties, etc.
 Apr 29th, 2012
Another site says this is College Republicans
 Apr 28th, 2012
Rings but no one on line when answered
 Feb 23rd, 2009