Nov 19th, 2017
I want to know who this number belongs to ?
 Oct 10th, 2017
It belongs to a lady called : Chantaya Moody - she lives in Georgia
 Aug 20th, 2017
This number is from Greenland you can block it when they call it will show up unknown on text now. But it will show up in your call long on your personal phone and you can block it from there
 Aug 02nd, 2017
I thought it was monty
 Oct 02nd, 2016
This number has been harrasing me for the past few days, I am starting to get very upset, I can't block the number and I feel helpless, I am scared something bad will happen, if you have any info on this number please hit me up I am shad hall from Norwich new York on Facebook
New York
 Aug 30th, 2016
Incredibly strange how many results and complaints I phone goggling the number.. With absolutely NO answers or any clue to who, what or where the call originated from
 Aug 19th, 2015
This number calls repeatedly, it is harassment. They don't say anything when you answer, they're only listening. What a no life bitch!!
 Aug 03rd, 2015
I heard Whispering and then screaming
 Jul 30th, 2015
They randomly called me. I didn't pick up though, I don't answer unknown numbers.
 Jan 09th, 2014
They called and asked if I sent some pictures
 Jan 06th, 2014
Who is this? And why do they call me all the time but don't answer?
 Jan 03rd, 2014
I will call 911 if this person calls me again
Roblox Player
 Dec 08th, 2013
This number tried to call my text only phone
 Aug 28th, 2013
Blank text message. Potential ad-crap
 Aug 20th, 2013
Its from Mexico
 Dec 31st, 2012
My home phone rang and it said "out of area." 2 seconds later, the number 299 999 9999 called repeatedly on my cell phone. Coincidence? There are no coincidences. It is a fake number displaying hoping you'll answer. I don't answer EVER out of area or private caller or FAKE numbers. BITE ME zombie debt collectors, telemarketing scams etc. Everyone out there had better write their congressman quick because it is going to get much worse when the do not call list (however good that is) exempts cells phones. Then these a** holes can call you and you can't stop them. Jerks!!
 Dec 05th, 2011