We received a call from "Phil Hughes" today (Tel: 289-747-0892) at 9:54AM claiming to be from "Rogers Outrank". Although we informed him several times that "all marketing offers/services must be made in writing", he continued on for over ten minutes in a pushy high-pressure tactic manner, boldly demanding private company admin information be disclosed to him immediately, like he could force us into a contract, and refusing to follow our "stated protocols". When asked to speak to "Phil's" "supervisor "Sandev" to complain about "Phil's" unsolicited overly pushy (i.e. harassment) spam marketing call, "Phil" replied that "with the kind of money that Sandev gets paid, it will take him two-weeks to reply". Phil also refused to provide his company's full contact information - trying to avoid our formal complaint. These pushy arrogant spam marketing callers lost our interest and confidence within the first minute and should be banned from using the telephone. We prefer the spam marketing calls we get from India, at least they try to be polite. Any SEO or marketing service worth their weight does not resort to such arrogant dubious tactics. Based upon the Rogers Outrank tactics we witnessed, we cannot believe the lofty claims made by other reviews on Yelp. Save your money and your time. Find a bona fide marketing partner!
Mark S.
 Sep 12th, 2013