Guy with accent calls from the "National Tech Support Center" but won't give me any other details. All he has is my first name and keeps telling me that something is wrong with my Microsoft Windows when I go online. Check the active running SYSTEM programs and find csrss.exe was a trojan. Wanted $299 to "update my license" and fix problem. Very Politely declined and said I was not paying and leave alone. He insisted on know why would I refuse. I kept repeating I'm not sending him $299 due to a blind phone call and Hung up on him. He calls back and then starts yelling at me. Asked for his name and he told me Albert Morris and has done this for 15 years. I said good for him but I don't need his help and would do my own research. After he kept repeating his "script" I hung up. He called back 5 more times. Leaving messages on my answering machine. He said he hoped I enjoy not having a computer because software will be removed. (Scare tactic, blackmail, fraud?). . . never removed btw.
 Feb 11th, 2016
SCAM -- if you ask any technical questions they repeat the script that they detected a problem with your computer.....
 Dec 02nd, 2015
Same Indian voice MF trying the same SCAM to get you to give him Telephone # and P-word to take over your computer to FIX it. He says.. ROFL..

These fools think that ruse will work..
 Dec 01st, 2015