Got numerous calls from same number today. I'm on both TX and US no call list, but some folks just don't give a reservoir.
Katy Guy
 Nov 19th, 2012
I answered the call to hear an automated message that said that the call was prompted by information from the DMV that said I was "overpaying" for my auto insurance. Total BS, but I was interested to hear what SOB would have the balls to use the DMV as a reference so I pressed 1 and the call was disconnected on their end. I returned the call and was greeted by an automated message about saying that as soon as someone was available I would be connected to save "hundreds of dollars". After 2 minutes of music the call was disconnected on their end.

Tried a second time and got a live person.

She asked how many vehicles I was calling to check on. I asked her "Which company am I calling?"

HER "We work with many insurance companies to save you money."
ME "Which company am I calling?"
HER "I already answered that, do you want to talk about insurance or have your number taken off the list?" ME "No, you did not answer me. I asked 'What company is this?'"

She hung up on me.

For fun I called back 11 more times. :) After hearing the auto prompt each time, I was immediately hung up on when the live person answered. Every time. They must have caller ID and REALLY not want anyone to know about their fancy scam.
 Nov 15th, 2012
oh boy gonna save me several hundred dollars, but what they do is illegal and when you call them back they laugh and say they'll put you on the list, very unprofessional and annoying.
Fred Wilson
 Nov 06th, 2012