800Notes has more reports on this number, and they all point to fake payday loan collection, *not* sales. This is a category of scam which has flourished in the past couple of years. The boiler room sounds and thick accents and scripted bullying you heard are all quite typical of these criminals.

Their threats are empty and their rude tactics are illegal under federal law, the FDCPA. Do not argue with them, do not comply with their extortionist demands. Show them you know you have rights they are trampling.

Try demanding a mailing address or a full business name. If the caller fudges his answer or you cannot verify it, it's likely a PDL sham. Challenge their horse puckey threats; they often make rude remarks and hang up. As the bullies like to hassle people at workplaces, advise your employers and coworkers these calls are garbage.

The usual response to such a runaway debt collector stateside is to send a cease-comm letter and file suit. If you find a valid US address, please do so. Fierce consumer lawyers will leap at the chance to run such a case on contingency. However, being mostly outside U.S. borders and having no discernable addresses, these particular criminals rarely make it possible for individuals to punish them. Submit complaints to the FTC and attorneys general. The FBI is also taking comments on these hostile thugs. Pester anyone with proper authority until this fraud is investigated and smashed.

Follow this link for a payday loan scam primer ...,6954.html?#msg104309

See discussions for these numbers: 704-200-9909, 559-823-5337, 813-441-0108, 443-451-3816, 496-656-7520

Send word to the FBI via the Internet Crime Complaint Center:

Learn how to exercise your rights as an alleged debtor at FTC-dot gov. The more you know of illegal practices, the faster you will sniff out the fraudsters.
 Jun 15th, 2011
Got a call from this guy calling himself Hector Roger from Williams Law firm, the background sound made obvious it was a tele-marketing firm. You can hear all the callers in the background reading from the same format + he had a very strong and heavy accent and didn't like getting interrupted because he then had to start reading his sentence again. He tried to verify personal information and tell me that there is a law suite against me from god knows where. I told him to take me off the list but he just got angry said there was no list, I told him not to call me any more and remove my name from his list and hung up on him. Can anyone stop these people? Help.
Elizabeth M.
 Jun 14th, 2011