Message left as follows:

"This message is intended for (name redacted). This is Eric Washington with the Department of investigations. I'm trying to reach (name redacted) regarding an open case in office. It is important I speak with (them) today, I can be reached at (281) 886-0637 regarding case, (redacted). Please be advised that failure to contact this office will leave you with no other option but to document this for the council. This is that your case immediate action. Govern yourself accordingly and contact this office immediately."

1. They didn't identify themselves as any specific entity, just a "Department of Investigations." Scam.
2. There's no listed public or private entity connected with this number. Scam.
3. This same number called my Google Voice numbers repeatedly with two different case numbers, with different names. Scam.
4. They didn't identify themselves, or this call, as attempting to collect a debt of any kind, which is required under the FDCPA, if they are attempting to collect a debt. Also, scam.

Try harder.
Amused and Bemused
 Oct 22nd, 2014