Have no idea who this is, or what they want, they never leave a msg.
 Feb 23rd, 2010
Always get calls from this number followed by a message that sounds like a fax. Cannot contact, but DID find an address listed with google. Also found a contractors forum full of dissatisfied customers that Tom has ripped-off. Consider this number as a total scumbag, and take whatever action you can.
Hate Tom C
 Aug 22nd, 2008
I also get the multiple Tom Carmichael calls and so does my next door neighbor. This is against the Do Not Call list rules.
sick and tired
 Mar 05th, 2008
I get a call from this number, "Carmichael Tom" probably 3-4 times a month. If I dial it back, blocking my number of course, I only get a busy signal. I have DONOTCALL and Call-Blocker. Nothing works against this phone number.
 Sep 06th, 2007
This company has been calling me for years. Anyone know how to get off their calling list?
 Jun 20th, 2007
this number calls me on average one time per week, waking me every time, as I sleep days/work nights. Its a recording for a contractor. BAD PEOPLE!!
 Nov 21st, 2006