Just got a call( TX Hyw Patrol on phone ID). The man ( who later told me his name was John Taylor) said my first name when I answered the phone, then assured me that this was not an emergency. He told me that a trooper, Scott Burns, had been killed three weeks ago by a man that he stopped. The man was a former officer and had shot Burns with a shotgun. Taylor said that all of the money would go to this officer's family. He would send me information in the mail... He had my name, address, etc. I checked out his story. While the story was true, the timing was wrong. Officer Burns was killed in April of this year. This solicitor was completely untrustworthy. I agree with Bob's comments. Beware of phone calls from this number.
Sue H.
 Aug 23rd, 2008
These guys should be charged with fraud - based upon the caller ID (Tx Hwy Patrol) I answered worried that someone in the family had maybe been hurt in a collision or something. Turns out they are NOT Tx Hwy Patrol, just telemarketers asking for money for the Texas State Troopers Association.

The work on a commission basis, so if you give them anything, just be aware that a whole bunch of what you give goes in thier pockets.

BTW, why the heck would I want to donate to the Texas State Troopers Association anyway? The Troopers pay monthly dues to join, and it is more a fraternal groupthan anything else. And those campy decals they give you if you donate will NOT get you out of a ticket.
 Aug 22nd, 2008