Same issue but they want me to send the money back western union ok lol
 Oct 21st, 2015
Just received a call from a man that sounded foregin by the name of Daniel gray that work from ace cashing express and he is a loan officer and email and and called me saying I was approved for a loan from 2000 to 6000 from this number 2817426993 and when I looked up the number this popped up Judy boofer
 Jul 17th, 2015
My Caller ID stated the call was from "Judy Boofer" however when I called back it was a foreign male on the recording stating they were not available but to leave a message and they would call back. I have a feeling this is tied to 2 unsolicited text messages I received the other day from 2 different phone numbers, and both stated I had applied for a car loan and that a representative would be contacting me soon. I never applied for anything. I then receive 2 calls today within minutes of one another, one from Houston TX and the other from Ft. Lauderdale FL. The entire scenario is bogus.
 May 12th, 2015