I got 3 text msgs. The first 2 just said "Hey", the 3rd said "How r u?
I found out this call came from Spring Texas. NANPA Assigned 03/26/2008
to Cellco Partnership DBA VERIZON WIRELESS-TX.
This crap wastes my minutes! From now on, I will not read any message from a number that I dont
recognize!! Verizon is CRAP anyway!! My husband had a verizone phone and his contract ran out, he kept paying for monthly service then all of a sudden.... His phone was scrolling the word VERIZON across the screen. He took the phone to Verizone Store, told them he had paid for the month. Verizone sd yes , we know but your phone is broken! They suggested he get a new contract and a new phone!!! There was nothing wrong with his phone!!! They just wanted him to renew and purchase a more expensive contract and phone!!
If his phone was broken---- How could the word VERIZON be scrolling across the screen??? We had his old phone checked out, IT WAS NOT BROKEN!!! IMAGINE THAT!! He had Verizone for at least 4 years. He dropped them and went with the Walmart Unlimited plan for about $40 plus per month--- not the $60+ and 900 min he had with VERIZON. VERIZON lost a good customer from being GREEDY! and DECEPTIVE!!
 Feb 03rd, 2011