Rob called and left a message that he was "returning my call"... only I didn't call anyone, so I was suspicious. After seeing the comments below I will not be calling him back. I am sure that he is selling insurance. I was searching for health insurance quotes on the internet last night, I received a call within seconds of hitting the submit button.... Do not search for quotes on They are using very agressive sales tactics and making deceptive phone calls.
 Sep 03rd, 2008
unknown caller called about me looking for insurance on the web. I told him that I didn't need it anymore and he promptly told me that I should't be wasted people's time on the internet. Then he told me that I didn't deserve health insurance.
 Jan 15th, 2007
I got a phone call from a person who referred to himself as Rob. Rob asked me how my insurance search was going. I told him very politely that we had already made a decision to go with an insurance company already. He asked me who we had decided to go with, and since I had learned from the many brokers that had called me, that answering this question opened the door for them to basically insult my decision for not going with them. So I told him that I would rather not share that information with him. Rob then very unprofessionally told me that he understands if I am embarrassed to tell him, he would be embarrassed also if I had made a bad decision on health insurance. Before I could respond to this extremely rude comment, he hung up on me. He then avoided my phone number for the next 30 minutes. I am extremely disappointed with lack of professionalism that this company portrays, and hope that this post helps others in some way.
 Dec 07th, 2006
Kevin called and identified himself as my husband's boss to my daughter, and wanted her to tell him where my husband was. My daughter repeatedly told him that my husband was unavailable. When she passed the phone off to me, Kevin hung up. I called the number back and Kevin identified himself not as someone who worked with my husband but that he was selling insurance. When I questioned why he told my daughter that he was my husband's boss, he proceeded to chew me out about how rude my daughter was and that I needed to teach her some manners. And again hung up on me. I googled the phone number and came up with an address so I could report his behavior to his supervisior. Upon arriving at the address there was no office there.
 Nov 06th, 2006