If this is an authentic call from a real recruiter then the company must be located in outer space. The words, 'dialect' & 'accent' are too limiting to describe the caller's though it was run through a special effects device. Very disconcerting, recommend you stay away.
 Jul 15th, 2009
english impaired person calling for my wife, I asked him what he wanted, he mumbled something about a job offer in 'North Caroleena'. when I pushed for details he kept mispronouncing Raliegh, and demanding I put her on the phone. I started asking him for details of this 'position', everything I asked for, he kept saying, "Sure, Sure, all of dat iss included in this position. Travel? Yees! Paid Car? Yees! Paid Relocation? Yees! Paid Insurance and Hospital? Yees!...

Sounded way too good to be true considering how sloppy this guy was on the phone. Told him that we do not do this kind of thing over the phone, and if he was geniunely serious he would send us something in writing. with that he hung up without another word. Called them back, and the V/M identified them as 'Sai People Solutions' a hack job shop outfit, with offices in texas and india.

Clearly, with language, and presentation skills as sloppy as they appear, just what kind of attention to detail can someone expect? The guy that called me, couldn't understand that 'North' Carolina, and 'South' Carolina were separate states, and his proposed job offer, was located more than 6 hours away.
Matt Mann
 Dec 26th, 2008
this is a recruiter... IT job stuff...
 Oct 15th, 2007