Lately, I have been getting harass by this number 281 257 7820, and I'm not sure who's calling.
New Hampshire
Came up on my caller ID as Hewlett-Packard. I placed an order from their website last week. Glad they are confirming the purchase but I'm quite annoyed that the woman asked the same question three times. Would not accept, "I did place an order," and kept asking until I answered with, "Yes." I don't like being forced to answer "yes" or "no" over the telephone because there are so many scams out there. I'm going to have to think twice about purchasing from HP because of their demand for "yes" or "no" answers.
 Feb 26th, 2018
An HP agent calling to confirm my order on HP.com, I'm assuming because it was a customized order they want to make sure it is truthfully ordered before making and shipping. Seemed legit.
 Feb 19th, 2018
Has called repeatedly, asking for a name unknown to our private residence. We politely inform that to the caller but within a couple of days we get another call for the same unknown name! This is getting old....
 May 19th, 2014
HP Engineer calling me back on a ticket I opened with them.
 Dec 03rd, 2013
Caller identified himself as from HP. He called my work number asking to be transferred to someone in the IT Dept that knows about mobile device development. I referred him to the corporate switchboard. I think he randomly called my number and was just fishing for a contact to try to sell HP's services.
 Sep 12th, 2013
This is indeed Hewlett Packard (HP), a business to business sales number. If you are doing business with HP then you should know the agent ID. If you are not doing business with HP and they call you then it is an honest mistake on their part.
 Apr 29th, 2013
This number called my cell phone this morning and didn't leave a message. Calling back, it requested that I enter an agent ID.
 Jul 08th, 2011
called on my cell phone and hung up when answered
 Sep 02nd, 2009