by the way, Chris Parker is supposedly the person who called for me initially and Rick Johnson is the ATTORNEY/ARBITRATOR that represents his company, the company he refused to say and the State where he has his (wink wink) attorneys license.
 Oct 22nd, 2013
these people called a family member looking for me, so i returned the call and asked for the name of their legal attorney, so i had a man get on the line and kept telling me he was an attorney and an arbitrator. he also claimed that this was a mediation company. he became very mean and nasty and yelling and then hung up when i asked for his attorney bar number the state he was in. apparently wasnt very happy i called this company's bluff, not to mention the fact that he claimed to be an attorney when in fact he isnt. oh yeah, our offices use a telephone monitoring and recording, the whole conversation was recorded, he became a nasty man when i told him the call was being recorded, then hung up. i will find out who this company is and let everyone on this website know, i am also filing a formal complaint hopefully close them scammers down.
 Oct 22nd, 2013
get em got em done
 Jun 18th, 2013
I received call from Teresa at 10:30am stated there was warrant for my arrest. She then transferred me to Bradley who stated that he knew sheriff office had warrant. I called my local office and they have nothing when I called back I got Tim who stated that I needed to get rid of bad attitude, admit I owed this debt and I would be in jail within 90 minutes, told him I was calling my attorney and he became hateful and stated he would get warrant for me for bad attitude.
 Jun 12th, 2013
Teresa called my elderly father and told him that I was in trouble and to call her immediately otherwise I would be arrested at my work. They also left me a message stating that there were two formal complaints with my state against me. When I called the next day, she immedistely transferred me to some guy who said I was beligerant and not to insult his people who h I hadent because I never talked to them before that day.
 May 30th, 2013
This is apparently and illegal operation calling people and threatening peopele with jail if they don't come up with money in 30 minutes.
 Apr 29th, 2013