Called my work number and I answered with my company name. A recorded voice said, "Please hold for" and then I heard the sounds of a lot of people talking in the background. No one ever spoke on the line and they hung up.
 Mar 19th, 2013
They call 2x a day NEVER leave a message
I dont call numbers back unless fhey leave a message
You never know what kind of freak is out there-dangerous!
These people if its a business they are terrible
 Aug 15th, 2012
They called with "Unknown Name" showing. Left no message. If they are truly looking for me, then they should leave a short message. I am getting too many political calls to pick up unknown callers. Don't just hang up...I wont answer you!
 Aug 15th, 2012
Called and did not leave message. Called them back using "hidden caller" app on cell phone, answered with "Law offices of Mitchell Bluhm & Associates". Trying to collect an old credit card debt I'm sure. If I had the money I would have paid it. Still looking for work.
 Mar 06th, 2012