There is no US area code 277. Answered the call and got a recording about it being my last chance to lower my credit card rate.
 Jan 14th, 2013
I just got a call from this number telling me to lower my credit card rates press 1. so i did. when the young man answered i VERY politely asked to be removed from the number list. he immediately asked me "whats your number sexy?" i actually repeated what he said in total disbelief. I simply stated that HE called me and should know my number, he then stated " whats your size baby? and that he'd like to put something I won't even repeat in my mouth!" I immediately asked for a supervisor and told him I would be reporting him to anyone I could. He then continued to say extremely sexual things to me in gross disgusting detail. when I finally yelled that I'd had enough of his sh!t, he said he could not remove my number since i was being so rude! who do i complain to? I want this guys job!
 Sep 14th, 2012