I received an email and it asked me to open the attachment and to let him know if I was interested. It didn't say what the attachment contained so I replied asking for clarification and advised I do not open unknown attachments for fear of unleashing a virus. I then actually got a call from the above number. It was clear that the caller is foreign and my guess is NIGERIAN. He advised me that the word doc was a "business deal" he wanted me to consider. It is actually just another in the thousands of NIGERIAN SCAMS I have received over the years. I told him I have NO money for any "business deal" he started to tell me it wouldn't cost me anything, but when I said I have been out of work for over 2 years he quickly ended the call. I am AMAZED that one of these scam artists actually called me. I forgot to remove my phone numbers from my reply email. I actually thought the email was going to be something legitimate. I was WRONG! These Nigerian scam artists appear to be getting bolder!
 Nov 03rd, 2011