I reside in durban,Kzn,Sa & my mom received a call on her landline stating that my husband is in arrears with his account so she gave my cell number. I did receive thge call one morning an Indian guy by the name of Viren called but after that when they call they don't speak. This call is made at odd hours from morning till late. My daughter answered on 17/06/2015 they asked her a few questions & she says that it is a foreigner who cannot speak English properly. I am afraid as recently McCarthy Loan Investments in Cape Town had scammed us out of money in order to get a loan online which we didn't receive. I have to go back to the police to report this.
Reshma Singh
 Jun 18th, 2015
I receive calls from this this number when I answer they keep quite and don't say a word I'm getting worried now cuase it has been going on for a while now they make it appoint to call 3 times a day what cn I do tu figure out whu it is calling
 Feb 20th, 2014
these people keep on calling me but when I answer they don't talk they just keep quiet and this has been going on a while now and I am starting to get worried.
 Aug 19th, 2013
Yoh this people don't give up! N the scary thing is they call n just keep quiet! They even wake me up sometimes# so scared something bad might happen to me
 Aug 02nd, 2013
They call me and they keep queit i dont who is calling me and thy call me twice today
 Jun 19th, 2013
I have been receiving calls from this number +27 043-706-7367 as well. This has been going on, on a daily basis for the past month. Having only purchased my current sim card a month ago... and have not divulged my cell phone number to ANYone; not even a bank. .. so have no idea how this caller got hold of my number. MOST ANNOYING!
Can anyone shed light on WHO/what company is phoning people from this number: +27 043-706-7367 ,and from what region with in South Africa?
 Apr 19th, 2012