Fraud call, claiming to be from US government, awarding me with a GRANT, for heaven's sake, for paying my taxes on time, etc. NOT! As a former US government employee, I identified myself as such and asked the individual --Robert -- East Indian accent -- for the name of the agency he represented. He declined to answer. I indicated that I was not interested, and he persisted, became hostile at the suggestion of a fraud or scam. I requested to never be called again.

Within minutes, he called back and asked WHY, WHY WHY couldn't he call this number again, WHY did I think it was a fraud. When I indicated that I had already tried to call the number back and it would take no incoming calls, he hung up. In 10 minutes, he called AGAIN.

I told him I would report the activity to the FCC and the Department of Justice, and I surely will. Very defiantly, he exclaimed, "Report. Go ahead." THIS IS a scam. PLEASE report yours as well, and put these scamsters out of business before they defraud someone of their identity. Obviously PHISHING for financial information and defrauding folks. And OBVIOUSLY believes he is impervious to the law, to boot!
Libbe Hayes
 Nov 17th, 2012