This is an interesting blog. Since I have done this type of work I can tell you that this is a legitimate company. While someone mentioned that Research Groups may have found a loophole in the DNC laws it is a legal loophole. If you do not wish to participate in any survey be polite about it and ask to be taken off their call list for that survey because since there is no DNC list the peron calling can oly remove you from THAT survey and not from future surveys. I can tell you from first hand experience that some folks I called did not wish to do the survey but once they actually heard what it was about they actually wanted to take the survey. So listen to the introduction before you decide you dont really want to take the survey. I know there are a lot of you out there that complain that no one ever wants to hear your opinion and you know who you are, well this is your chance to be heard. This is how companies gather their information. Just remember there is a real person on the other end of your phone and they are not doing this just to piss you off they are like everyone else just trying to make it to the next paycheck and feed their kids. Oh and for those of you who just hang up.. you can expect another call later on or in a couple of days. Just be polite decline with grace and you will find that everyone has a lot less stress. If you think that calling and writing your politicians or trying to file a complaint with the FCC will get you some result, good luck. Remember politicians live by the polls and companies like this are who they contract to get that info for them. I doubt they are ready to slay their sacred cow just yet. On the point of cell phones yes they are targeted since more and more people have only a cell phone, and in order to meet the demographics especially with the younger groups in this country they have no choice but to call cell phones.
Aces and Eights
 Oct 31st, 2012
"this is not a sales call" survey/poll/research - requested to be taken off list told I had to GIVE them my no at the end of the survey to be eliminated.
Am pn the DNCL (do no call list)
 Jul 28th, 2011
They called several times but did not answer, then finally I did and a young women asked to speak to my husband about his medical claim. I told her he was not home, asked me when he would be, i told her never and I hung up on her. I am amazed that this is going on with so many people getting these calls under false pretences as far as i am concerned. However I taped the call and will turn it to authorities.
 Apr 22nd, 2011
JERK LIST of robocallers, pests, etc.follows Caller I.D. says BIZALLIANCE and it is a can't-hang-up robocall.
000-000-0000 Hang up
201-221-3014 No message
202-556-2270 TELETOWNHALL robocall.
202-629-9389 No message
202-629-9389 Preapproved million $
203-285-6812 Hang up
206-629-8615 GRANTS
207-433-5421 GRANT
207-433-5421 L RICHARDS
210-351-3000 ATT free online business listing
212-269-8484 No message
212-660-6134 GFS FOREX
213-291-1102 HALE VENTURES I
213-430-4260 Global Reach Int
213-537-1392 No message
213-725-5376 No Message
213-797-1040 No message
214-283-1316 WIRELESS CALLIN
214-624-5721 MERCHANT SVC
215-525-6561 NCC phone savings
215-892-1418 PENNSYLVANIA
218-740-2135 CUSTOMER LINK gas & electric
219-992-9828 ARTIST IN THE SKY
231-224-2031 No message
231-224-2034 No message
231-648-2002 No Message
231-732-2173 No message
231-732-2306 No Message
231-732-2310 No message
231-732-2660 No message
231-732-2768 No message
231-732-2788 No message
231-732-2800 Auto Warranty
240-556-9970 SBALOAN Robocall
240-556-9970 INSURANCECO Robocall
253-242-1126 UNASSIGNED
269-384-7726 Hung up on me
269-768-2102 No message
269-768-2170 No message
269-768-2257 No message
269-768-2706 No message
270-438-1060 SOURCE CAPITAL
270-783-3569 No message
281-520-3779 Auto Warranty
301-997-2022 No message
302-737-9533 Innovative Consult.
303-280-8689 PRODUCT DEV
303-758-9242 DOMESTIC DEV CO
303-771-1143 LITTLETON, CO hung up on me
303-771-1666 LITTLETON, CO hung up on me
305-408-6643 No message
305-512-8037 BSC
305-625-3064 No Message
305-836-7371 No message
307-215-1002 WYOMING
309-981-0506 No message-hung up on me
310-558-5169 Trade tech stocks hung up on me
310-599-5729 No message
310-599-9115 No Message
310-855-9634 TTI hung up
310-855-9788 TTI hung up
312-222-0131 NATL BANKCARD
312-554-8800 DIRECT FUTURES silver
315-207-4761 Hang up
317-293-4912 No Message
319-790-3302 UNKNOWN
323-208-3801 Medallion
323-429-7522 No Messsage
323-429-7524 No Message
334-493-3059 No message
336-343-4145 MortgageProtect
347-273-1990 NEW YORK
347-830-6336 NEW YORK stocks
347-983-1621 LIQUIDELA repeated hang ups
361-288-1488 No message
386-304-9434 Daytona Beach, FL
386-409-3699 New Smyrna, FL
386-427-6893 No Message
401-675-9729 GRANTFUNDING robocall
402-930-3659 INFO USA
402-982-0630 IDEAS COM
402-982-0746 MIK CO
404-524-0000 MCIVER LAW GROU
406-290-3112 INSIDER EVENTS
406-351-4223 SERVICE MESSAGE
408-587-2120 Credit card
408-651-8124 No message
410-705-6007 Auto Warranty
410-774-8005 Extended car warranty
415-262-0266 No message PBIS
415-358-7683 CALPAL hang up
417-339-3866 ST. PAUL STAMPS investment
435-750-4933 INFORMATION ALL
443-550-7905 No message
480-123-9876 No Message
480-285-2000 Credit card
480-285-2017 CAP PROCESSING credit card
480-488-1009 No message. Hung up
484-220-0089 BIZALLIANCE robocall
503-620-8554 OREGON
508-458-0199 Insurance Selec
510-214-7818 No Message
510-373-3863 PAYMENT SYSTEMS
512-687-1443 AUSTIN CALL
513-603-6340 OHIO No message
516-224-0062 ANATIONAL SERVI hung up
516-586-1132 No Message
517-931-2214 Auto Warranty
517-931-2347 Free Satellite TV
517-931-2361 No message
517-931-2511 Satellite service
517-931-2526 No message
541-330-0640 FORTRESS FINANC
561-515-3250 FLORIDA-precious metals
561-733-4697 Boynton Bea, FL
561-948-6381 Gold
562-223-8807 No Message
562-289-8146 No message
562-394-0341 SOCAS
567-255-6121 No message
578-570-2233 SERVICE
585-775-0567 NEW YORK No message
602-264-7999 MERCHANT SERVIC crd card
602-797-2700 TRAINING CONSOR
602-910-4355 No message hung up on me
603-214-3525 PRIVATE SUITE
603-214-3535 A Grayson
603-214-3539 PRIVATE OFFICE
603-214-3637 No message
603-283-9397 BUSINESSFUNDING hangup
603-606-4917 BUSIN FUNDS robocall
609-279-1990 B R Interviewing
610-687-1030 Reminder Call
615-371-9799 RYHOLLAND FIELD
616-980-2581 No message
616-980-2589 No message
616-980-2990 No message ATRIUM
619-801-8114 No Message
626-273-8206 No Message
626-273-8207 No Message
626-551-3384 No message
631-207-2313 ACP Always hangs up.
631-207-2596 No message
631-207-2840 Richard Strauss
631-270-1600 no mess. LADENBURG THALM
631-498-1177 credit card robocall
631-851-0918 ACP
646-383-1475 No message
646-383-1477 No message
646-572-7883 TELE EXPRESS
647-258-6388 UNKNOWN telephone service
651-256-6181 Pioneer Press
651-457-1130 RECEIVABLES MGM
702-347-6058 No message
702-347-7599 TAX
702-473-4256 FREE MONEY
702-489-9272 No Message
702-520-1248 No message
702-520-1275 No Message
702-520-1344 Auto Warranty
702-520-1466 Auto Warranty
702-520-1484 No message
702-520-1497 No message
702-520-9150 No message
702-520-9183 No message
702-522-5012 Free Grant money
702-705-5094 MIKE JONES
702-736-3099 NOT PROVIDED
702-991-5945 Free money Robocall
704-970-1942 BANK CARD SVCS
713-228-2902 IC LLC
714-364-4412 No message
714-607-5740 Auto Warranty
714-682-8307 No message
714-682-8311 No message
714-682-8314 No Message
716-656-6940 NEW YORK B of A.
727-847-4738 FED CONTRCT ONL
732-242-6503 Repeated Calls
732-242-6504 Doctors Group
732-242-6510 Doctors Group
732-389-3160 NEW JERSEY
734-542-7758 MARKET STRATEGI
760-204-8410 No message
760-283-2034 collectibles
760-526-8513 No message
760-526-8513 No message
760-536-8137 No message
760-709-7678 No message-hung up on me
763-392-5983 General Warrant
765-331-0000 5 Star Roof-No message
770-592-0400 S.S. I.
770-894-4718 Marble Hill, GA
773-589-3500 WINDOW GUYS
775-297-8581 No Message
777-777-7777 b.s. about money for business
786-369-7342 WARRANTY ALERT
800-260-9125 No Message
800-292-7508 Hung up on me
800-304-6013 UNAVAILABLE
800-319-4398 Says UNAVAIL but is Verizon
800-328-0185 Unavailable
800-348-4271 No message
800-350-2457 UNAVAILABLE debt collection
800-390-4812 No message
800-399-5166 GE Money
800-434-4240 No message
800-644-0296 Sprint Credit
800-663-1306 No message
800-716-3812 No message
800-845-2074 Hung up on me
800-888-8888 No message
800-919-8021 Energy service
800-931-6317 Bank of America
800-931-6381 No message
800-998-2900 No Message
801-432-2126 IMS
805-560-1265 Amer Message-med plan
805-560-4500 Dial Page
805-560-5032 Dial Page
805-985-4838 No message
808-298-6114 No message
808-372-6602 No message
810-202-2600 MICHIGAN
813-899-1569 L J BAY AREA
816-389-2729 TELEPHONE MANAG
818-450-5641 SPEC OL CA STH
818-656-4565 California
818-663-9405 No Message
818-804-3142 Callcatchers
818-870-5029 No message
818-923-1016 Hung up on me
818-988-9123 ADVENT GROUP INC
832-366-1100 No message
847-250-6801 No message
850-432-3928 No message
850-473-1276 Penscola, FL No Message
858-309-5533 Transaction Service
858-380-4952 Bancard1
858-380-4958 Bancard1
858-633-8105 Transaction Service
858-634-3058 CALIFORNIA-It is Verizon
866-362-7122 UNAVAILABLE hung up on me
866-428-8775 UNAVAILABLE
866-208-1792 UNAVAILABLE mersvc cr card
866-484-8278 No Messge
866-576-1447 Financial info
866-671-4605 Hung up on me
866-671-4610 Hung up on me
866-671-9489 No message
866-761-3758 Hung up
866-801-8623 No message
866-822-9401 Bank of America
866-842-1465 Hung up on me
866-867-2188 UNAVAILABLE crd card proc
866-890-4090 UNAVAILABLE
877-232-2370 robocall credit card
877-244-9183 No message
877-393-0850 UNAVAILABLE free money
877-408-3390 UNAVAILABLE hangs up
877-408-3397 UNAVAILABLE hangs up
877-562-2597 UNAVAILABLE
877-672-1050 UNAVAILABLE
888-000-0000 UNAVAILABLE hang up 6:45 a.m.
888-211-7690 UNAVAILABLE hang up ans mach
888-261-7859 Electric bill
888-338-6938 Unavailable
888-485-0975 Credit card
888-513-4993 No Message
888-638-4742 No message
888-665-9900 No message
888-678-3552 No message
888-686-8191 No Message
904-259-4351 Credit card
904-359-4745 No message
904-954-1091 CITIGROUP
909-502-9110 No Message
918-442-0983 CTEL hang up repeatedly
931-563-4182 No message
949-286-3311 No message
951-398-5060 SPEC OL CA STH
954-366-0317 Florida-No message
954-491-9764 ALLIED MGT GRP
972-470-9898 FORRECCO
973-607-4260 AMERITEL COMMUN
973-685-2588 No message
973-932-1791 No Messagwe
978-445-4422 MASSACHUSETTS
978-570-2325 No message
978-570-2364 CANC
No number PRIVATE
No number Unavailable
 Oct 07th, 2010
I've been receiving calls from this company on my cell for the past two nights. It belongs to Thoroughbred Research Inc. And they know darned well they are calling a cell number, because of the number prefix.
Their website with contact information is
"Research" organizations may have found a loophole around the Do Not Call list, but that does not make their behavior or actions right, or any less objectionable. People who take up this line of "work" are bottom-feeding scum.
 Aug 10th, 2010
I don't care whether they are legal or not. I'm on the DO NOT CALL list because I don't want to be called. Anyone calling me who I don't know gets hung up on. If they're selling or "researching" it makes no difference. I don't pay for a phone line to have strangers use it. So I got this program for my computer called PHONETRAY at and I use it to hang up on telemarketers and "researchers". In fact you could make this program hang up on everyone BUT the people you know. I'm thinking about using it to do that for my 90 year old Dad who at this point will give anyone who calls his credit card numbers.
 May 05th, 2010
Its funny how you say they are breaking laws.

read the laws first.

This company is a RESEARCH organization. they dont sell anything.
Thus tihs makes them invulnerable to the law of "DO NOT CALL LIST" FOR TELEMARKTING.
 May 05th, 2010
This is to Lauren who worked @ Thoroughbred Research Group - Lauren, if this is a legitimate company & they operate in the United States, why then are they calling numbers that are on THE DO NOT CALL LIST that is put out by the U.S. Government? They are breaking the law. Are they just acting nieve & hoping that they will get information? If someone is rude due to the company breaking the law by calling someone on the list, why would they instruct employees to hang up - your company has literally "asked for it"!! Stop breaking the law!!
 Apr 25th, 2010
CALL PHONE NUMBERS: 279-450-3798,270-450-0869,270-450-1600 ON 18 APRIL.270-650-2080,17 APRIL270-643-0222 ON 15 APRIL.
 Apr 18th, 2010
I worked there. It's a legitimate research firm. They do not sell things and most of their studies are scientific, though they do some market research to pay the bills.
If they call your cell phone, say it's a cell and they'll take the number off the list.
If you just want out of the random selection pool, say to block your number. They will verify the number and then block it.
If the person is rude, ask to speak to a supervisor. They want their interviewers to be as polite and professional as possible.
If you cuss at them or refuse to verify your number, it won't get taken off. They have instructions to hang up if the respondent gets rude.

Just be nice, most of them are exactly like me. Students at MSU that can't find a job in the small town. There aren't many jobs available, and this was actually a really good company to work for. They aren't bad people and what they do is respectable. Don't assume everyone is selling something.
 Mar 15th, 2010
Christine from International Connect saying it was not a sales call but wanted to ask a series of questions.
 Mar 12th, 2010
this complany calls me from this number, 270-650-2080 and from 270-450-1600. other reports say that they ask questions about whether you watch tennis on tv, etc. i don't answer calls from people i don't know. end of story. also, i am on the no call list, so what's up?
 Feb 27th, 2010
It is some type of Reseach group
Guess who
 Dec 20th, 2009
10 Dec 2009 Caller ID showed "Thoroughbred RS," unknown to me.
Al S
 Dec 11th, 2009
The Number came up as 270-450-3798 at 5:56 p.m.
Quiet Citizen 2
 Sep 22nd, 2009
Received a call from this number on 31 July 2009, 8:55PM EST. No message left. Who is this calling?
 Aug 01st, 2009
We let it ring. The time on the caller id was 706pm.
Quiet Citizen
 May 20th, 2009