May 27th, 2011
4:36 pm
answered my mom's cell phone since she was driving. Asked for 2 people that were unknown to us. Never heard of them. Asked what my name was. told them i was ten and not allowed to tell them. Told them she had this number for two months now from the cell phone company. asked to talk to an adult told them again she was driving the car then I hung up on them.
4:37 pm same number mom said ignore it.
4:39 pm same number third time. did they not get the message the first time
not them again
 Mar 15th, 2011
answered my mom's cell phone since she was driving. Asked for someone unknown to us. Asked what my mom's name was. I hung up on them. Not allowed to give out any personal information on the phone, especially to a stranger.
 Feb 14th, 2011
Your technical sleuthing is commendable, lilolbrenn. The rest of us alleged debtors must rely on written cease-comms, sent USPS Certified for proof, as we don't have the means or time to run denial-of-service attacks. In that sense Steve the stooge was partly right, though noncompliant with the FDCPA.
 Oct 20th, 2010
This is a call center located in MI. The building has many different divisions. But the biggest is a collections department for credit cards through PNC-National City Bank..there is also the fraud unit etc.

I have found this site by researching what number keeps calling me up until 9pm. The number is (269) 973-4000 and is a head quarter building for PNC (Prior National City) bank. They are calling me about my neighbors debts. I am livid and fought back. I have run many business phone systems and called the number back pressing a few codes. I got into the employee name and extension system and wrote down most of what I could. They are not all collections division but all in the same building.

I called Steve Windum at ext: 54665 and explained I am requesting a "Cease and Desist" from this buildings phone system. They told me I have to put one in writing and mail it in. I told them I will not as I am not even an account holder. I told them is they do not take this verbal and remove my number I will call everyone's extension all day in this building until they do. They immediately removed my number and gave me a name and number if I get another call from this building. Manager of collections ext:34651 Brendan Galach.

I guess they didn't like the fact that I would disrupt all the employees during their day. If you call the number you need to push the prompt to put in an extension number or at the end it will hang up, not let you talk to a general rep and also state the number no longer works

Here are the extension I do have in this building..If they do call I will continue to call and request a cease and desist at all these extension. Some of them are dept managers of other division within this building so it will get as bothersome as when they call me.

Kiley EXT:30406
Ben Dilla EXT: 32118
Tia EXT: 65128
Jerry EXT: 316392
Sweet EXT:50429
Sara Warden EXT: 316403
Steve Wyndum EXT: 54665
Becky Lewis EXT: 70028
 Oct 20th, 2010
Called me & left voice mail stateing it was from PNC Bank (owened by National City).
Was about me stoping deposits to the account.
I explained to the lady I could deposit my money where I wanted & not to call with that BS again.
South Carolina
 Mar 31st, 2010
This is National City Bank, I guess the collection dept. I had an HELOC that was disharged in BK and they still call. I have no credit cards with them.
 Jan 26th, 2010
National City called me from this number to verify I paid a bill from out of state. It appears to be their fraud control confirmation line.
B. P.
 Dec 11th, 2009