Not sure why it cut off my comment. This is Xentel, a professional fundraiser. They have been sued for fraud in the past. They can take a large percentage of any donations and keep it for themselves. Tell them to take your name off their company's list. Specify you never want to receive a call again from their company. If you don't, they can call you again on behalf of another group. Make sure you are clear that you want your name off their list entirely, not just for the group they are currently calling about.
Matt From MI
 Apr 28th, 2011
Confirmed today, with person calling, that he was calling from Xentel Inc. The company does professional fundraisers, usually claiming they are for police officers, firefighters, or another government employee group. They will tell you, if you ask or say you want to donate directly, that the group is prohibited from soliciting donations themselves because it can be viewed as intimidation (imagine your local police officer
Matt In MI
 Apr 28th, 2011
They called and I missed it. I tried calling them back, and it picked up saying "we are experiencing technical difficulties".
 May 26th, 2010
This number called me, no one was there.
 May 08th, 2010
Calling all the time and hang up. WTF?
 Apr 24th, 2010
It sounds like it's more than one voice calling too. It's been happening to me for the last six months. The rudest thing ever. I get called at least three times a week from this guy. He never asks for me, and always hangs up before I can even ask him. It's really annoying. Is he scoping my house?
 Apr 23rd, 2010
The simplest way to stop these calls is to tell the person calling that you no longer want to accept calls from them. They will start their scripted sales pitch to donate so just interrupt them and let them know that if you will not make a donation over the phone and that you do not want them to call again, for their current charity or any future ones. If they try to argue with you about your request for them to not call again, request to speak with a manager if they are unwilling to mark your number as do-not-call for their company themselves. Be clear that you know they are a company, that you will not divulge any financial information to them for any reason, and that you will file a harassment complaint if you receive a call again from them. Be polite and clear in your request and it should take you less than a minute to stop receiving calls from them. Knowing what they are doing can go a long way in feeling comfortable talking with them so I included information below if you care to know more.

They make calls asking for a donation. They are a company that does "professional fund-raising". They call on behalf of something like a child's leukemia foundation, families of deceased law enforcement, veterans of foreign war, etc. Their goal is to secure a donation from you for the "cause" they are collecting on behalf of. They are not the charity themselves but instead a FOR PROFIT COMPANY that solicits donations for charities and keeps a percentage, which can be a very high percentage. You can ask them to disclose how much of your donation will go to the actual cause they are collecting for and they are required, by law, to tell you. If you ask them to mail you the information so you can send in a check, they won't do so because they only make money if they get you to donate over the phone. Companies like this can make large amounts of money and do so by "tricking" the people they call into giving a donation to a charity without being clear that they are a for-profit company which will be keeping a percentage of the sales, err... donations. These companies are regulated but they still do not have to disclose who they are unless you specifically ask. THEY CAN CALL YOU EVEN IF YOU ARE ON THE DO-NOT-CALL LIST because they are working "on behalf" of a charity and charity/public survey calls are exempt from the do-not-call list. You can develop your own conclusions about these types of companies and the business they are in but if you really want to give to a charity and don't like the idea of 50% or even more of your donation going to pay the company that made the call, just contact the charity directly and make sure they get 100% of your donation. You do have a right to not receive these solicitations and while they can call you without the limits that are placed on normal companies (after 7pm, avoiding do-not-call list, etc) they do have to stop if you tell them to.
Charity Sales
 Apr 17th, 2010
Fundraiser for Police Officers Association, or so they said. Of course, I can't know with certainty who they are.
 Nov 09th, 2009
Some sort of sales call...when you call back you get music and immediate hang up.
 Oct 18th, 2009
Three Rivers, MI shows up on caller ID
 Jun 15th, 2009
Asked for me by the wrong name, said I was unavailable, hung up
 Dec 10th, 2007