It's RACHEL!!!! Card Services - Lower your interest rate! DON"T ANSWER! Must be a new number - it's one I haven't seen before and added to my spam directory.
Caller: spam - card services
I have been getting a lot more of these calls lately.
When they call just hit speaker button twice that cuts them off before they can leave a message on my voicemail that I.have to clear out. You can Google the number and find out who and where it's from .
Card Services. Says it's my last chance to lower interest rate. They've been calling for years. It's really a debt consolidation scam. They're looking for people with more than $10,000 credit card debt. Tell them you're paid up and they'll hang up on you. But they won't stop calling. Pressing 2 or 9 or whatever does not remove you from their sucker list neither does speaking to them in person.

Three more calls to report today (Wednesday 2012-12-12), two new to the bombardment of calls I get:

602-547-6857 @ 2012-12-12 11:24am - ARIZONA (new for me)
269-768-2550 @ 2012-12-12 02:41pm - NOVATEL
973-273-7826 @ 2012-12-12 03:19pm - No Caller ID Name (new for me)

I suspect these may be part of the same scam organization that stuck my number in their auto-dialer almost nine months ago and has been harassing me ever since. The "ARIZONA" one might be Bell Road Toyota, but they're probably using the same scumbags to make calls on their behalf. More detail and numbers that have been bombarding me with calls are listed in my posts here:

I did not pick up this call because the caller ID said "Unavailable" and it was three rings, which is a signal from Cox Telephone that it's a telemarketer. I appreciate you all posting what this latest irritating wave of calls is.

Do you think the Do Not Call list or any official in Washington cares about this?

Are the telephone companies somehow complicit in allowing this? Since they control the numbers, if we complain directly to them, shouldn't they be able to act?

Home Security Co or someone casing my home????

I turned my ansvering machine off- and I just ck the caller ID -don't answer the phone if I don't know who it is. . - It has reduced these scam calls considerabely but not completely eliminated them . Yes this number is a new one for me - Card services - have been calling me for at least 3 years now . If i report them eventually they will stop calling - but only for a while - then they start up again and the same cycle starts. I report them they stop - and start again . This is definately an invasion of privacy in my peaceful home . It is sad that the authorities do not get serious about this problem . They can easely stop this if they want to. But i guess we don't pay enough taxes for the Congressmen and women , senators and the rest - who are in majority educated lawers that we now have running our country and distorting our constitution to the max. - God blee the US of A and all of us.

Just got a call from them. Everytime I get a number that I don't recognized I look it up on one of these. Thanks so much for the oportunity to check these out, so that at least I know not to call. Every time I find out about these scams I add them to my directory as spam, so I know not to pick them up. Darn, I have received so many that my directory is full, now I can't identify them any more.

I really wish there was something that we could do to stop them. I just never pick up a call anymore unless I recognize the name or number.

I receive these calls in great quatities. And like Big Guy, I have started turning off the answering machine and just let them ring. It slows the call amounts for a short while and then they start up in bursts again. Thank you for your posts and am sorry some got stuck answering these bogus calls. I heard someone started answering these calls with "911 what is your emergency?" and they hung up the phone in a hurry!
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 Dec 20th, 2012